Pramodatma Go Shala

Cow is worshipped in India as she is the abode of 33 crore devatas. She is worshipped as the provider of milk, riches and intelligence. She can be compared to kalpva vR^iksha (a wish giving tree).
She takes care of us and blesses us with dharma, fame and victory.

In these days of kali yuga, cows are being ill treated and killed by cruel people. In order to protect the cows, by the grace and blessings of Shri Digvijya Rama, Moola Rama and Yalaguresha, Shri Satyatma Teertha Swamji of Uttaradimath, has Started “Shri Pramodatma Go Samrakshana Kendra, at Yalgur, Bijapur District. More than 100 cows have been given the best care they deserve. Plans are afoot to develop a big goshala at Yelgur on the modern lines with all the amenities for the protection of the holy cows.


It is learnt that there were no temples of Hanuman In the surroundings Of seven villages Of Yalgur So, Yalaguresh is called the Master Of Seven villages.(Eloora Odeya) Yalgur Is famous since Tretayuga. It is a divine place where Lord Ramachandra, Sita And Laxmana lived for a few days in their Vanavasa-Period. This historical Place is Situated on the banks Of River Krishna (Almatti).


It Is 60 kms From Bijapur City On N.H.13. There are number of Buses from Bijapur City. All Go through Nidagundi Or Almatti. From there Yalgur is Just 4 KM away. Autorikshas,Tempos are at your service to take you to Yalgur. It is about 50 kms from Bagalkot City. There Are number Of buses from bagalkot to Nidagundi and Almatti.


Go Shala is just Behind the temple Of Shri Yalaguresh. At present the Goshala owns 4 acres of land with two borwells. Around 35 cows are being protected and taken care of in this Go Shala.

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