Arundhati Gurukulam

Arundhati Gurukulam, an educational institute is a bold and innovative step taken in our Brahmin society under the directions of HH Shree Satyaatma Teertha, with objective of providing cost effective, result oriented education exclusively to girls in safe environment. Girl’s education with safety is key to successful and happy family.

Surakshita: Provide a safe and learning environment for the physical and psychological development of child

Sushikshita: To provide cost effective education on both fronts Modern and Cultural, without compromising quality. 

Susheela: Internalization of human values with a caring touch for environment around us.

Vision: To transform the chaotic society with agitated families into harmonious, peaceful and content families.

Mission: Arundhati Gurukulam to focus on developing a girl child holistically, equipping with modern education and embodying them with culture and family values so as to ably manage both living and working environment


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