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Parampara/ Sri Satyabhinava Tirtha

सत्यनाथाब्धिसंभूतः सद्गोगणविजृंभितः।
सत्याभिनवतीर्थेन्दुः सन्तापान् हन्तु सन्ततम्॥

|| satyanAthAbdhisaMbhUtaH sadgogaNavijR^iMbhitaH .
satyAbhinavatIrthenduH santApAn hantu santatam ||

Sri Satyabhinava Tirtha

Shri Satyabhinava Teertharu was the pontiff of the Shri Uttaradi Matha and was formerly known as Shri Narasimhacharya. Soon after being initiated to pontificate thorne of Uttaradi Math, Shri Satyabhinava Teertha made arrangement to regularize certain offerings to the daily worship of Shri Moola Rama, Shri Moola Sita, Shri Vedavyasa and other sacred deities of the Math. He appointed 64 sevaks for offering the ritual and worship to the samasthan idols in the Math. His Holiness has made seventeen categories of specified ritual to be offered daily for the worship of the samsthana deity which are as follows:

1) Aamantranotsavam

2) Gurupadarchana

3) Panchanga Shravana

4) Timely Bath

5) Japa and anusthana

6) Vyakhyana

7) Nirmalya visarjana

8) Navarathna bhishekha offered to Shri Vedavyasa murthy (Holy bath with Navarathnas)

9) Ksheerabhishekha to Shri Kurmas saligrama (sacred bath with milk).

10) Chanting of pancha suktha at the time of pooja of samasthana deities.

11) Saptamatarpana(after sacred bath flowers, garlands, clothes fragrance and perfumes are offered to the diety etc).

12) Chikka Alankara and Mahanaivedyam

13) Using of curtains at the time of offering Naivedyam.

14) Offering sugar naivedya in the golden plate

15) Offering water and tamboola

16) Kanakabhishekha to Shri Vedavyasa murthy

17) Showing of samasthana deities to the devotees after performance of pooja.

His Holiness used to give the Teertha, prasad and Shri Gandha (Sandal paste) to the disciples. In the afternoon hours, His Holiness used to spend his time with discourses on vedanta and shastra vicharana. Apart from this, numerous rituals were conducted in the Math to attract the devotees in large numbers.

These rituals may be divided into five categories i.e.,

1) Nityotsava (Daily)

2) Varotsava(Weekly)

3) Pakshotsava(Fortnightly)

4) Masotsava (Monthly)

5) Samvatsarotsava(Annualy)

As a part of the administration His Holiness used to oversee the day to day accounts i.e. income and expenditure in the night everyday. Further he used to supervise the daily routine in the Math. This pratice is being carried by the pontiffs of the Uttaradhi Math till this day.

Shri Satyabhinava Teertha composed two treatises. Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya Vyakhyana" and "Guru Mahima Stuthi" etc. He ordained sanyasa to Shri Satyadheesha Teertha. His Brindavan is in Rajamahendry on the banks of river Godavari. He also ordained sanyasa to Vidyadheeshacharya who was named Shri Satyadhiraja Teertha after coronation as saint. Shri Satyadhiraja Teertha toured all over India for propagation of vedantha. In course of time Shri Satyabhinava Teertha ordained Shri Satyapoorna Teertha to the pontificate throne of Uttaradi Math and entered the Brindavana in Nancharagudi on the banks of river cauvery.

|| Shri Krishnarapanamastu ||

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Shri Satyabhinava Teertharu composed two treatises: 1) Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya Vyakhyana 2) Guru Mahima Stuthi Works on Satyabhinava Teertha: Shri Satyanatha Mahatmya Ratnakara, a mahakavya which narrates the life of Shri Satyabhinava Teertha and his unparalleled gurubhakti.

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