Dharmo rakshati Rakshitaha Protect the Dharma,It will protect you. Proclaims our ancient lore. Uttaradi Math, abides by this dictum in all circumstances. Its chief mission is to practice, protect, preach and propagate the ancient Vedic dharma.
Since the time of its Origin, till date, Sri Uttaradi Math, has been and continuing to be the strongest propounder of the true Vedic Dharma. All the great AchAryAs like Sri MadhvAchArya, who successively adorned the seat of Uttaradi Math, are well known for their eagerness and commitment to protect this Dharma.

nAnA Janasya shusrUshA kartavyA karavanmitEH Service to mankind is an obligation for all. Uttaradi Math follows this aphorism very closely. The Math is very much committed in extending service to mankind in all spheres of life like Medical care, Education, Disaster/Calamities/War etc.

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