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manurkar.babu  - sri sathyasangh tirtha swamiji   |Registered |2010-09-02 23:19:51
request to give the details of sri sathyasangh tirtha swamaji. i will be
very much grateful if the information is furneshed in devnagari or english as i
dont know kannada reading.
bhrigupathi  - Satysangh   |Registered |2010-09-03 16:21:08
Is it Satyasandha tirtha you are referring to Mr.Babu???.. as there is no
Mathadhipati by name Satyasangh..

If it's the Details of Sri Satyasandh
tirtha, then I suggest you can take books from a very famous scholar in
coimbatore, Mr.T.S.Raghavendran.. he has translated Sri Vishnu Stuti by
Satyasandha Tirtha in English.

You can log onto for more
details on how to get the books by post
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