Poornaprajna - The all-knowing saint

Purnaprajna at every spare moment studied the Shrimad Bhagavatam (Maha Bhagavat Purana) with great relish. This Purana is full of transcendental subject matters about Shri Krsna, written down by  Veda Vyasa. This illuminated scripture, which is the cream of all Vedic literatures, completely eclipses all lesser scriptures.

Once, whilst nearby Acyutapreksa, Purnaprajna Tirtha happened to hear five or six brahmins reading and discussing Shrimad Bhagavatam. He noticed that what they were saying didn't follow what Vedavyasa's conclusions were, so humbly but forcefully, he decided to rid the all pure Shrimad Bhagavatam of their speculations and concoctions and firmly re-establish the original understanding as laid down by Shri Veda Vyasa. Acyutapreksa said to Purnaprajna, "If you know Vedavyasa's methodology, let the prose in the Fifth Canto of this Bhagavatam be read and explained by you." Purnaprajna then wonderfully explained the Fifth Canto according to Vedavyasa's exact method, reeling off text after text, chapter after chapter, as if he had written the book. Every word and phrase was accurate just as Shri Vyasadeva had written it in the original text. The brahmins studied what Purnaprajna was saying, trying to find some fault, but Purnaprajna, like the Bhagavatam, was spotless.

One thing bothered everyone, including Acyutapreksa "the guru" — how did this young boy know all this? Not only did he know grammar and philosophy, but he knew all the conclusions of all the scriptures, and knew perfectly well the pure untainted conclusions of Vedavyasa. Acyutapreksa addressed Purnaprajna as follows: "O victorious one! How does that which was not read by you in this birth come to you?" Purnaprajna's humble reply was that "All of this I knew from my previous births."

Thus the fame of Purnaprajna spread far and near. No-one could fully understand who he was, nor would he reveal himself fully. Everyone loved him so much that their minds would not leave thought of his activities and speech for a moment.

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