Pandit Vasudeva defeated

Madhva Vijay 4.43 points out that by now a month and ten days had gone by since Purnaprajna Tirtha had taken to the sannyasa order of life. At this time, one pandit of the name Vasudeva, with all his followers, came to Udupi to challenge local pandits. Pandit Vasudeva asked for Acyutapreksa at the Bandarkare Mutt, hearing of Acyutapreksa's learning before even coming to Udupi. After seeking out Acyutapreksa, Pandit Vasudeva offered his respects and then challenged Acyutapreksa to debate. The whole town came out and assembled where the debate was to take place. Acyutapreksa and Purnaprajna Tirtha took their seas next to each other and listened whilst the challenging Pandit Vasudeva spoke. On a subject of his own choice, Pandit Vasudeva spoke for three days continuously without even an intermission. The assembly were amazed at the powerful way that the pandit presented his subject. At the end of his summary, making his conclusion to the three day presentation, everyone applauded the learned pandit.

The young Purnaprajna took up the challenge. Not only did the young sannyasi reply with equal and greater fluency in the subject, but Purnaprajna remembered word for word the Pandit's points and dismantled those statements with his constructive criticism. The sound of Purnaprajna's sweet Voice powerfully came across, charming the assembly. Never had they heard such a sweet melodious tone of voice, though the same sweet voice mercilessly smashed the proud pandit's stance. Even some of the pandit's followers tried to re-establish the pandit's presentation, but like Bhimasen's mighty club, Purnaprajna deadened the sound of the croaking bull-frogs.

Acyutapreksa was proud of his pupil, and thought that as he had defeated the pandit and his followers single-handedly, it was unnecessary teach basic philosophy and grammer to Purnaprajna as he had already shown his expertise in these subjects. Thinking that these things were learnt by Purnaprajna at gurukula, Acyutapreksa wanted to see how his sisya (disciple) would fare with the istasiddhi adwaitin philosophy of Vimuktatman. Purnaprajna had no interest in such childish word jugglery or bogus wrangling of speculations, but as it is the duty of the disciple to follow the guru, after the preliminaries were gone through and the first verse read, he said to Acyutapreksa that he had found, just in the first verse, thirty-two mistakes. He added that he didn't feel it proper that such an imperfect philosophical treatise should be studied by either of them, and so they gave it up.

By now Acyutapreksa had some pretty intense realizations as to who was guru, and now desired to hear from Shri Purnaprajna Tirtha Swami. Shri Madhva Vijay 4.47-48 makes some very relevant points as to how Acyutapreksa saw the situation. Actually he was a humble Vaisnava despite his dress, and on seeing this young boy who was actually guru seated before him, he became completely free from envy and surrendered at Lord Visnu's lotus feet. He enquired from Purnaprajna as to the proper understanding, the uttama gati, the ultimate goal of life.

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