The Ganges - Two stories

1. Purnaprajna asked Acyutapreksa if he could go to the Ganges to take sacred bath there. Acyutapreksa gave permission for his disciple to go and as he began to wish him a safe journey he realized that this meant that they would be separated for some time. Acyutapreksa immediately became distressed and almost in a state of transcendental panic he began praying earnestly to Lord Anantasana. Being compassionate on his surrendered devotee, Lord Anantasana again posed a person and spoke through him to Purnaprajna that, "On the third day from now, just to save you from leaving this place, the celestial Ganges River will come into our lake, so there is no need of you going. She will be here before you get there." Since that day, every twelve years the sacred Ganges comes to the lake by the grace of Lord Anantasana on Purnaprajna, the life and soul of Acyutapreksa.

2. Purnaprajna Tirtha, as is the etiquette, approached his sannyasa guru Acyutapreksa to take his permission to undergo a perilous tour on foot of the southern areas of India, where there were many learned pandits who followed the philosophies opposed to the personal form of the Lord. At this time Acyutapreksa would not give his consent to the young acarya, saying that for Purnaprajna to go alone was a very dangerous proposition. Just after this Purnaprajna suggested, "Then let me go for pilgrimage to the north to see Bhagirathi and bathe in the Ganges" but Acyutapreksa couldn't bear the separation. Even when Purnaprajna prostrated before the old ascetic, he would not give his permission, so Purnaprajna, with great intensity, prayed to the Lord to send a remedy. Suddenly a voice was heard from the sky declaring that Gangamayi would appear within three days at the temple sarova (lake) and would subsequently come every twelve years, At this time in the south west corner of the lake, there was seen to appear a clear white stream-like column of water gushing up from within the lake. Previously this lake was known as Ananta Tirtha, but ever since the Ganges appeared to please Purnaprajna, the lake has since been named and is now known as Madhva Sarova. (Both variations are much the same - the story of the Ganges appearing is in Madhva Vijaya 4.40-42)

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