Purnaprajna Tirtha - The new sannyasin

In this troubled time of doubt and skepticism, the pure character of the new initiate Purnaprajna (Purnabodha) Tirtha was a pleasure for all to see. They could understand that there was no ulterior motive for this young boy to take sannyasa. He was not taking sannyas for the fame such as "I am such a great devotee or strict renunciation" , or using the pulpit of sannyasa as a position just to voice his opinions. Nor did he have in mind the sense of distinction that "everyone knows me for what I am, with my opulent attire and fancy lifestyle. This will make heads turn my way" this was not there in his character. Nor was adoration by followers his motive, as we have seen hundreds of unworthy fools running here and there, eagerly willing to adore the unqualified pretender. Nor was his motivation the subtle sense gratification, that because the material world is such a bad place let me avoid it. Nor was it for his own salvation that he took sannyasa, nor as a form of earning a living whilst harboring material desires. He was not pessimistic about his own lot; there was no calamities in his life. Simply he was here to preach on the order of the Supreme Lord, his motivation was the will of the Lord, nothing more, completely purely motivated.

Now Purnaprajna was formally initiated into the Brahma sampradaya into the asrama of sannyasa, and had taken vows dedicating everything - body, mind and words, in fact his very life was for the service of Lord Hari. He had accepted the sannyasa order that was given by Sanak Adi Kumar, one of the four Kumaras, who in turn initiated Durvasas Muni into sannyasa. Coming down from Lord Brahma the line went though Sanak Kumar, Durvasas Muni to Jnananidhi, to Garudavahana to Kaivalya to Jnanisa, to Paratirtha, to Satyaprajna to Prajna, and through the hidden line to Acyutapreksa, and now to Purnaprajna Tirtha, one who has full intelligence.

The people in general were touched at the gravity by which this young boy took to the sannyasa order. Even Madhyageha Bhatta was there (according to Adamar Mutt) and it was a heart rending day to see a loved one become a "walking dead man". Why a walking dead man? Because as Madhyageha Bhatta pointed out, Manu says that obligations to parents, to the demigods, to society etc. are there, but for a dead man, what obligations can exist? Only to serve Lord Hari with mind, body, words and one's very existence is the only obligation. Socially one is dead.

With no sandalwood paste decorating his body, no red luster in his mouth from chewing betel, wearing no ornaments such as rings, amulets, and fancy necklaces, this bright faced boy was instead the ornament of the three worlds, and standing with his sannyasa rod, his luster was incomparable. All his boyish mischief had now left him and he was sober, pure and deep. Anantasesa, the expansion of the Supreme Lord, and all the demigods starting with Rudra, garuda, Indra and Candra showered flowers from above, and kettle drums could be heard. Having tears of love and expectation in their eyes, they all looked earthwards to Purnaprajna and Acyutapreksa and the assembled onlookers, and chants of "ohu vaha ho" (oh, how wondrous) could be heard in all directions echoing from the mouths of the chanters of the Sama Veda.

When Purnaprajna offered his prostrated dandavats (like a stick) before Lord Narayana in the form of Anantasana in Udupi, a hand touched his shoulder. Again this Anantesvara had possessed the body of a human, and bringing Purnaprajna next to his sannyasa guru said, "I, Anantasana have given you Purnaprajna, because for a long time you have performed devotional service intently, trying to understand the words of your guru. You are My devotee Acyutapreksa, and I know you sincerely want spiritual understanding of Me. Therefore I give you this Purnaprajna who is the result of that service." And so the Lord revealed His promised plan that had now been actuated.

In Madhva Vijaya (4.39) it points out that Acyutapreksa, thus having received the mercy of Lord Anantasana, with great joy and devotion he remembered again and again that this was all the will of the Lord, and that this disciple Purnaprajna was specially sent by the Lord and that he was not an ordinary human being. Acyutapreksa stayed only in the association of Purnaprajna understanding that he (Purnaprajna) was the crest jewel of the Lord's ornaments.

This incident of Purnaprajna taking to the staff of sannyasa, the danda, was at the place known now as danda-Grahana.

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