Date of Sannyasa

Most madhvas accept that it was around 10 or 11 when Vasudeva took sannyasa. Padmanabhacar points out that assuming that the incident of the Ganges coming to Sarovar (lake) in Udupi at the request of Vasudeva being recorded in the year 1209 when astrologically Jupiter was in Leo to be correct, then Vasudeva was in his tenth year, nine years having been fully passed.

There are others also that say Vasudeva's sannyasa took place on the Caturthi (fourth tithi) Krsnapaksa (dark fortnight) in the month of Asadha (pertaining to June-July) of a Vilambi year 1209 AD. Anyway, Vasudeva definitely took sannyasa and Madhva Vijaya supports the story of the Ganges.

30/06/1209 02:00:00, Zone 4.59 Tithi 4th Tithi-Chaturthi of Waning Moon
Monday Yoga 3rd-Ayushman
User’s 11:14:58 Karan 38th-Balava UDUPI INDIA Sunrise 04:50:25
Name Ret Sign Degrees Star Qtr. Lord Sub
Ascendant Taurus 16° 35’ Rohini 2 Moon Sat
Sun Gemini 26° 20’ Punarvasu 2 Jup Ketu
Moon Aquarius 13° 22’ Satabisha 3 Rahu Merc
Mars Virgo 28° 1’ Chitra 2 Mars Sat
Mercury Cancer 22° 15’ Ashlesha 2 Merc Moon
Jupiter Leo 15° 29’ Purvaphalguni 1 Ven Ven
Venus Leo 3° 47’ Magha 2 Ketu Moon
Saturn Cancer 0° 12’ Punarvasu 4 Jup Moon
Rahu Capricorn 12° 22’ Shravan 1 Moon Rahu
Ketu Cancer 12° 22’ Pushya 3 Sat Mars
Uranus Leo 21° 14’ Purvaphalguni 3 Ven Jup
Neptune Pisces 26° 51’ Revati 4 Merc Jup
Pluto Cancer 29° 5’ Ashlesha 4 Merc Sat

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poojya acharya, Swamigalavara bhavi digvijayada program list kalisiri. Namaskara
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I am at present readinh madhwa vijaya by bannanje govindacharya.It is good
reading with poetic translation of the sanskrit verses
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I have raised some questions regularly by the students :- pravar at
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Sir on 24th Guruji visit to Navabruindavan scheduled. Pl inform
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