Being satisfied to know where Vasudeva was at any given time was always the prime concern to Madhyageha Bhatta and his chaste wife Vedavati. Knowing that now in the association of all the other young Dwijas (Brahmin boys), Vasudeva was now studying at the place of Totanithillaya, who was the school master for all the Brahmin boys of the srea. Even in school Vasudeva was always a leader. Where he went all the other boys went. He was always several steps ahead in his play, wrestling, studies, everything. Madhva Vijay (3.44) says, "This incarnation of Lord Vayudeva is more swift than the mind having controlled his mind. No-one can compare with him."

In his wrestling he would take on and beat bigger boys and on many occasions he would challenge many bigger boys. His "nick" name at school was "Bhima", his iron vice-like grip of his strong arms and hands could only be released when he wanted to release and not otherwise, and the weight he could lift or carry effortlessly could only compare to Hanuman and indeed this is actually who, in another age, Vayu assumed. In Madhva Vijay is says that Vasudeva, with a gently smiling face, easily defeated everyone. His friends, associates, and peers would sometimes, after being defeated by Vasudeva in water sports, splash water at him out of rivalry, making his luster and reddish eyes appear even more beautiful. Vasudeva's Brahmin teacher (Pujavan), who was born in the Brahmin family of Totantillaya, could not relate to Vasudeva's brilliance at all. At every opportunity Vasudeva would run home for more food to eat, and then slowly return to school, avoiding his study. On one such occasion Totantillacaya Brahmin, very angry, accused Vasudeva of not being very attentive to his study either during class or whilst avoiding class, or in his after class homework. "Why do you, Vasudeva, not study with your school friends? You act as though indifferent to study?" Vasudeva replied that he didn't see the point in repeating that which he had already learnt, and besides, "I'm completely up to date with my studies." Totantillaya was furious at the boldness of the boy's statements and told him to repeat the sloka verses that they had studied that day. Vasudeva not only repeated verbatim the day's slokas, but all the following slokas that they had not studied yet in school.

Totantillaya was shocked. His recitation of the sastras complied with all the rules for chanting mantras and put his teacher into a spin. How could it be? Impossible, he thought. His recitation of the sastra complied with all the rules of jata, pada and krama meters for chanting mantras. Not only did he know all these verses but he also pronounced them with such clarity and perfect pronunciation it had caused the demigods to appear in the sky to hear. Who was this boy? After many such incidents of Vasudeva showing some of his nature, he was given the title at school "Anumana Tirtha", for his ability to always find the perfect verse to explain any given circumstance and also elaborate on that point, giving his purport for clarifying the instance.

In Madhva Vijay (3.54-55) there is a mention of Mahaitareyopanisad which clearly propounds the greatness of Lord Visnu. Madhva Vijay also says how the devotee of Lord Visnu, Vasudeva, having once heard this great Aitareyopanisad understood it's many hymns within a second. This Upanisad became his lifelong favorite. Even it is recorded that at this young age when Totantillaya started to explain this Upanisad, Vasudeva stopped him and gave a more clear explanation to which Totantillaya was immensely pleased. By now he was beginning to realize how fortunate he was of having such an incredible pupil in his school. It wasn't however until graduation day that the bond was duly sealed. Vasudeva gave as his guru daksina (remunerations in the form of a preceptor fees) to Totantillaya love of God - Krsna bhakti. Taking permission to leave gurukula, Vasudeva, knowing his mission and how to fulfill Lord Visnu and all the demigod's desires, prepared himself to propagate the understanding of the personal form of the Lord and try to induce a taste within the soft hearts of the Vaisnavas to develop and appreciate love of God, and to philosophically smash those opposed to the personal form of the Lord. The guru Totantillaya, with tears of love brimming in his eyes, bade his pride and joy, his very best of students Vasudeva, a fond goodbye.

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