Defeat of the Pauranika

A short time later was good proof as to how much this "small boy" was learned. One day Vedavati took her son to a religious festival at nearby Neyampalli. As in religious festivals, there were rituals, pujas, yajnas, dramas, and in this one, a wedding also. Madhyageha Bhatta didn't go to this festival, so while Vedavati attended the wedding ceremony, her son Vasudeva slipped off to hear the recitals and stories from the Puranas told by the renouned Puranic narrator of the name Siva Madinya (Madikullaya). This Puranica was famous for reading to very large audiences, and as the narrator narrated a story from the Puranas, suddenly Vasudeva jumped up and accused the narrator, "The story that you are telling does not confrom with the purports of the great saintly rsisi and munis like Vyasadeva and Sukadeva. Therefore what you are saying is highly speculative and cannot be taken as authoritative." Looking around, to the astonishment of the listeners, these words were coming from the mouth of a small four year old boy. On the prompting of all the persons in the assembly, Vasudeva told the proper account of the story that was polluted by the narrator, giving the correct meaning and completely defeating the bogus speculations of the "narrator". Flowers poured from the sky as the demigods honored the boy, and all the assembly also glorified and praised the learning of the small boy, Vasudeva. Then the assembly broke up and all went their separate ways, leaving the narrator alone. Vasudeva returned to his mother and they both went back to Pajakaksetra where he asked his father, "Who is correct? Is it the narrator Siva or me who has speculated on the sastra?"

Madhyageha Bhatta told his son that he was correct, after hearing what both had said. Madhyageha Bhatta thought to himself that the reason for his son's wonderfully sharp intelligence was due to the mercy of Lord Anantasana, and in that way Madhyageha Bhatta always remembered his Lord Anantaswara.

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