Vidyarambha Samskara

As Vasudeva grew, day by day he showed signs that he was incredibly intelligent, grasping anything that required study almost immediately, so Madhyageha Bhatta thought it time to perform the Vidya Rambha (also known as Hate Khadi and Akshar Abhyasam) - his beginning of primary education - samskara, even though a year or two early. Madhyageha Bhatta saw that teaching Vasudeva the alphabet and showing him how to form the letters with the sounds was so natural and easy for the boy to pick up, it was as though he already knew everything but was just keeping it a secret. Traditionally this is a very big event in a child's life, and many relatives, friends and well-wishers come to give presents and blessings to the young boy. The Brahmins chanted mantra suktas, and swastivacan to invoke the blessings of the Lord upon the boy who was clean shaven, bathed and dressed in new cloth. When everyone saw the way Vasudeva mastered the subject being taught in the first few minutes of his primary education on his first day they were astonished. Then Vasudeva asked his father, "Oh father, why do I have to repeat the same group of letters again and again? This I already know." As soon as his father showed him something, that was it - what next? With no effort one could easily see that the goddess of learning, Bharati Devi, Sarasvati, was in her natural position, standing with folded hands offering her respects to the great devotee of Lord Narayana, Lord Vayu, in his plenary portion as Vasudeva-Mukhyaprana.

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T.S.Krishna Rao  - History of Madwacharya   |Registered |2009-09-27 08:11:47
Sri Hariyen Namaha,

I am extremely happy your detail regarding the History of
Madvacharya life History in Detail.In this regard I would like to suggest that
the story if is in the form of Video or Photo with captions it may helpful for
younger generation they use to see to see the photo's & understand better they
are eager to see the video. I am extremely happy your Dinamani over Mobile it
will caution to younger generation to know in advance by one day . It will help
to follow the same. especially Ekadashi & other days .


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