Lord escorts Vasudeva

When Vasudeva was about three years old, his parents, took Vasudeva to a family function at nearby Nediyoora village where Vasudeva's mother's family lived. It was a huge festival with hundreds of relatives and their children.

Taking full advantage of the bustle and general confusion of the whole assembly, Vasudeva decided to go to the temple. The Supreme Lord Narayan, knowing that His devotee didn't want to stay in such a mundane gathering, personally came to take Vasudeva on a tour. Persons that Vasudeva met on the narrow path leading south to Kanana Devata at Kudavoor asked him, "Child, where do you wish to go?" but Vasudeva replied only with a pleasing smile from his moonlike face. This is a walk of a mile or two to visit the temple of Lord rama. Vasudeva entered the pagoda and went into the inner sanctum and offered his respects there, and then he went to the temple of Talakude (Bannaje) and offered respects to Lord Hari residing within the Siva Linga there. After taking darsan at these sacred tirthas and overjoyed by the sight of the Lord Who has a lotus navel, Lord Visnu, Vasudeva headed for Udupi.

In Udupi, Vasudeva first visited the Candramoolesvara temple of Lord Siva and offered his respects before going to Lord Ananteswara. There he stayed for some time, offering prayers and respectful obeisance’s.

By this time, back at the festivities, Madhyageha Bhatta had noticed that for some time now he had not seen his son. He asked his wife if she had seen him, and when she told him she hadn't either, in desperation they combed the whole area looking for their son. News spread from people to people that the darling of Pajakasetra had gone missing and now night was about to fall. Alone out there somewhere, with no-one to protect him; what would the poor boy do? Asking everyone in the vicinity if they had seen the boy, they found that he had headed south. Practically the feasting and partying stopped at the family function as everyone was looking for little "helpless" Vasudeva. Madhyageha Bhatta, going from temple to temple, finally found Vasudeva absorbed, looking at Lord Anantasana. Tears of joy flowed from Madhyageha's eyes at having found Vasudeva. Vasudeva beaming, was not even thinking he had done wrong or put anyone into a state of intense anxiety as he had. He now stood before his father who asked, "Vasudeva, how did you come so far on your own on this difficult path through the forest and lanes? I can't understand how?" Cheerfully the young boy replied that, "Lord Narayana escorted me to Bannajee, then Lord Hari escorted me to the eastern direction and on to Udupi. I then offered my respects to Lord Anantasana in the western direction and He brought me here to His temple, so I wasn't alone, father." Saying this, the child shone like a gem in the assembly of caring relatives and friends who were all wonderstruck.

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