Naming Ceremony

At the time of his birth, Madhyageha Bhatta's family was ecstatic and the whole Brahmin community came to celebrate. Madhyageha Bhatta worshipped his ista-deva with gratitude and then came to see the child. Upon seeing the bright moonlike face of the newborn child, Madhyageha kissed his new son's head and gave him the name Vasudeva. he said that after twelve years of devotion, the Lord of the cows, Govinda, gave Madhyageha a pure devotee son. Everyone looked on the face of Vasudeva. Mudillaya, a Brahmin friend of Madhyageha Bhatta gave a milking cow and calf to the child. He is said to have re-born as his own grandson and attained salvation after becoming the disciple of Sri Madhwacharya.

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PavanMugad  - Shri Krishnarpana.   |Registered |2009-09-12 21:08:51
Bhagwan Shri Vedvyas Gurubhyo Namah
Acharaya Madhwa Gurubhyo Namah

Harih Om.

The more you speak of Lord's Victory is still less. I am glad & happy to tell or
talk about Lord's Victory & Vayudev's mahima. So much to learn, but life is
less. My wish to Lord is make me His devotee all the times, as many as birth i
take on this earth. It's proud to be born as Brahmin & gain the importance.
Every deed done by this body, want to offer to Lord's Feet.
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