Madhwacharya - Birth

Madhyageha purified his body with pancagavya prasana, offered arghyas, flowers and lamps to the Lord, and they stated their desire to bring into this world a pure devotee to save everyone from further suffering.

After the purificatory menstrual period, choosing the male star (Nakshatra) and the suitable day for conception according to the proper vara (day) tithi (time) and nakshatra (asterism) they invoked the blessings of Lord Narayana. They then united by the principles of religious sex and by the Lord's grace, Vedavati conceived a child. In the Madhva Vijaya (2.25) it is described that the incarnation of Lord Vayudeva (Mukhyaprana) entered the body of the wife of that pure Vaisnava Brahmin, entered into the womb of Vedavati. On this point though, Madhva Vijaya suggests that Mukhyaprana evicted the soul born of the conception of Madhyageha and Vedavati, and thus expelling that child, Vayu appeared of his own will and placed himself in that womb.

राजेवसत्पुरवरं भुवनादिराजो निष्कासयन् परमसौ भगवान् विवेश

Because Mukhyaprana's incarnation was situated in Vedavati's womb, she became incredibly effulgent and was decorated with all thirty two auspicious qualities. Madhva Vijaya describes her body as being like the temple of Lord Visnu, the Supreme Lord because of her pure devotion. The pumsavana samskara was performed at three months pregnancy and then simmontanayana (swadabhaksana) feeding the child in the womb, parting the hair, etc. purificatory rites were performed at seven months. The fire sacrifices for the safe delivery of the child were performed according to Brahminical rites.

Madhyageha Bhatta called for learned Vedic astrologers to come, and together they performed the jatakarma (birth ceremony) by offering all nice things to the child and bathed him in panca gavya (cow dung, cow urine, ghee, milk and yogurt) and pancamrta (ghee, milk, yogurt, honey and sugar water). They also put gold and ghee on his tongue to invoke good health and intelligence, tulasi to invoke devotion to the Lord, and honey to invoke good appetite. Then the learned astrologers made a chart to see what kind of son had been born. They were amazed as all thirty two auspicious signs were there in his person and the chart said that this boy is none other than the scheduled avatar of Vayudeva. His purpose for coming was that of reform, to change the ways of misguided men and to firmly establish the personal philosophy of Lord Visnu. He would be a great Acharya as previously he had been Hanuman and Bhimasena respectively.

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