Madhwacharya - Background

Madhwacharya's purpose for coming down to earth was that of reform, to change the ways of misguided men and to firmly establish the personal philosophy of Lord Visnu. He is the third incarnation of Vayu who has incarnated previously as Hanuman and Bhimasena respectively. He is the true Jagadguru who has established the supremacy of Vishnu.

There is a serene and holy place called Pajaka near Udupi in Karnataka State of South India. The place is very picturesque and full of spiritual vibrations. A legend says that the place has been created by none other than Shri Parashurama, the 6th among the Dasavataras of Bhagavan Vishnu. It was called Pajaka because it always receives plenty of water by the grace of Sri Parashurama (pAjAt kaM yasya saH pAjakaH).

In the village Pajaka, there lived a pious Brahmin called Madhyageha Bhatta. Madhyageha Bhatta belonged to the Shivalli sect of Brahmins. The Shivalli or Shivabelli sect of Brahmins are mostly found around the Udupi area, Shivabelli being an old name for Udupi in connection with Shri Candramauleswara. Before the advent of Madhva some Shivalli Brahmins worshipped Lord Siva, but most had an affiliation with the Bhagavat sampradaya and had a leaning towards Vishnu. Most would worship the form of a Shivalinga, but would see Vishnu as his origin.

Madhyageha, although a young man, had a wealth of understanding of the Vedas. He had the reputation of being a devotee scholar. His object was Parambrahman, the Supreme God Narayana.

After some time "Madhyageha Bhatta", as he became known because of his deep knowledge of the scriptures, was married to a pure and devout lover of Lord Vishnu by name Vedavati.

Madhyageha Bhatta was always very eager to hear the pastimes of the many incarnations of Lord Visnu, and render devotional service to the Deity of Anantasana in Udupi. Madhygeha spoke to his chaste wife about bringing into this world a pure son, one worthy of being called putra

One who saves his parents from hell is called Putra.

Madhyageha Bhatta and his wife decided to approach their Kula Deva (family Deity) Lord Narayana and make a vow. They then served Lord Ananrasana in Udupi for twelve years with pure minds and devotion, free from lust and greed. With their austerity they performed various austerities like the Payovrata etc, observing the same vows as Aditi and Kasyapa who were impelled by Lord Brahma to undergo this penance to obtain Lord Vamana as their son. At the end of this time they decided to perform the Garbhadana samskara, after taking the Lord's blessings.

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