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DVRAGHAV  - Nandana Nama Samvatsara Telugu Panchangam   |Registered |2012-01-31 21:40:27

I want Nandana Nama Samvatsara Telugu Panchangam also with
Sanskrit Panchanga.

Thanking you.

npsri1967  - New Panchanga   |Registered |2012-02-01 22:58:38
Dear Sir,

I am K N Purushothamn, Grand Son of Sri M Rama Rao of Kumbakonam and
son of (late) Sri R Narasimhacar, is it possible to send me the

Expecting your reply for the same.

With Namaskar,
K N Purushothaman
raviwaikar  - Panchanga - change of postal address   |Registered |2012-02-20 19:58:55
Harihi Oam.
I have been the member of U.Math annual pooja scheme
since two decades.As a result of this I was getting the Mantraxata and bleesings
after Pooja of the designated (selected by us) Jestha Shuddha panchami. I was
also receiving Panchanga every year to my Chennai Address.Offlate, I am not
receiving both.Also,I have relocated to Bangalore. I request you to register the
change of address to Bangalore as under: Ravi Waikar,39,'Vatsalya',SBI
Colony,Devarachikkana Halli,Bengaluru-560076.
I trust this will be
With pranaams,
Ravindranath R. Waikar (S/o G T Parvatikar)
mahidas  - new panchanga   |Registered |2012-02-23 01:34:21
now panchanga & uttaradi math calendars are available in online &
search uttaradi math
skk_kul  - Pl send Panchanga & Uttaradimath callender   |Registered |2012-03-02 03:28:14
In the last month I have visited Najangood, Kumbhakonam, Tanjaur, Rameshvarum
,Tirukoilur-Raghutham math, Shree Musnum, Tiruannamalaya, Wrudheswar,
Trirucchirapalli, Shree Rungam , Rangam ( Adi rungum),Tirupati,

In the next 2
to3 months I am planning for Matrugaya, Can you helping me by informing near by
placesses to be visitd,& accomodation facilities. & contact persons , Phone

Thanks & Namaskar
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