Sri Satyadhyana Tirtha

॥ आसेतोरातुषाराद्रेर्योदिशो जितवान् मुहुः।
सत्यध्यानगुरुः पातु यतीन्द्रैरपि पूजितः॥

|| AsetorAtuShArAdreryodisho jitavAn muhuH |
satyadhyAnaguruH pAtu yatIndrairapi pUjitaH ||

Shri 1008 Shri Satyadhyana Teertharu was born in an ancient family of erudite scholars in a village called Chikkodi, Karnataka state in 1872. It is a prestige and honor to the family. His purvashrama name was Sethurama, his father's name was Jayacharya.

As usual in all orthodox Brahmin families, Sethurama had his Brahmopadesa at the age of 8 and started his serious studies in Sanskrit language and shastras under the guidance of his father who was a great scholar himself.

Sethurama continued to study under his father and other well known pundits of the day. He was extremely intelligent and became an accomplished, erudite scholar in all branches of Indian philosophy, grammar and literature in Sanskrit before he completed his 20th year. He would pick up any gauntlet thrown by any adversary in any branch of orthodox learning and win a resounding victory over him.

He was married and lead a normal life of a learned Brahmin householder, teaching Shastras to many students and scholars. At the age of 40, in 1912 he entered the fourth Ashrama, Sannyasa, and became Satyadhyana Teertharu by name and Peethadhipathi of Uttaradhi Matha.

Works of Shri Satyadhyana Teertharu :

Shri Satyadhyana Tirtharu was a prince among scholars and a great lover of his students. He was prepared to help any one who wished to learn true philosophy to any extent. The great services he rendered to the Indian Philosophy are Writing of books and teaching of philosophy in kannada so that even the very ordinary person who is interested in philosophy could have access to all the high and profound ideas of philosophy which are available only in great works on the subject in difficult Sanskrit. Shri Satyadhyana Tirtharu was the author of the following books.

In Sanskrit
1. Gita Sarasangraha
2. Gita Pradhipadhartha Chandrika
3. Bheda Paranyeva Khalu Brahma Suthrani
4. Chandrika Mandanam

In Kannada
1. Sabhasara Sangraha Part-I (Civil Suit) II, and III
2. Geethopanyasagalu

Shri Bheemasenacharya Varkhedkar
Pandharpur - 413304

Ph: 02186 223700

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nachiketa  - More light on life of satyadhana theertharu   |Registered |2009-06-08 15:49:04
It would be very good if more abt life of satyadhanaru can be presented as i
have heard tat his holiness has done much work in maharastra and is very popular
Moostigiri  - Clarification about Shri Sathyadyana teertharu   |Registered |2009-08-09 16:29:23
Shri Guruve namaha,

The URL above lists Shri
Sathyadyana teertharu originated from Korlahalli, but the URL

states Shrigalu were born in
Chikkodi.Does that mean his childhood was in Korlahalli. I wish to know this

Hare Ram
Madhusudan Kulkarni
sumapuru  - Sri1008sri Satyadhyana teertharu   |Registered |2010-08-01 20:53:05
kulkarni avare,
meele kottiruva link nalli nimage bekaddu
Sri1206  - Re:Clarification about Shri Sathyadyana teertharu   |Registered |2011-04-06 19:48:26
The history of Satyadhyana thirtharu tells us that he hails from the Korlahalli
family. That was his surname in Purvashrama- Korlahalli Seturamacharya.
But he
was born and lived his early days in Chikkodi, Belgaum Dist.
sriguru_h  - Sri sathyadhyana Tirtharu   |Registered |2010-03-20 01:18:41
I also heard a lot about Sri Sathyadhyanaru, however i want to read more about
him kindly mail the available info about the same.


gurupran  - Any Option To DownLoad Ustream Video   |Registered |2010-03-23 13:59:12
Namaskara ,

Swamiji's Live WebCast Streaming Videos(Off air) or Audio Only Any
possibilities to Download From Ustream TV, If any body know please Msg Me

vkbijjur   |Registered |2010-06-30 16:14:24
Please Provide the Civil Suit Book
sumapuru  - civil suit book   |Registered |2010-07-26 19:59:28
civil suit pustakavu nimage digital library of india dalli siguttade.
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Sri Satyadhyana Tirtha

Born: 24 Dec 1872

Birth Place: Chikkodi

Deeksha Accepted: 1911

Preceptor: Sri Satyajnana Tirtha

Brindavana Pravesha: 24 March 1942

Aradhane: Chaitra Shuddha Ashtami

Brindavana At: Pandharapur

River: Bhima

District: Sholapur

State: Maharashtra

Poorvasharama Name: Seturamacharya

Poorvasharama Name: Jayacharya (Satyadheera Tirtharu)

Poorvasharama Name: Krishna Bai

Sri Satyadhyana Tirtha

Born: 24/12/1872
Birth Place: Chikoddi
Poorvasharama Name Seturamacharya
Father's Name: Jayacharya (Satyadheera Tirtharu)
Mother's Name: Krishna Bai Diksha Accepted on: 1911
Preceptor: Shri Satyajnana Teertharu
Brindavana Pravesha: 24/3/1942
Pithadhipati: 31 Years
Aradhane Chaitra Shudda Astami
Brindavana at Pandharapur River Bheema Dist Sholapur State Maharastra All rights reserved.
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