New Android App for Live Streaming
New Android App for Live Streaming

Dear Haribhaktas,

     We are happy to share a new gadget for Listening to Live Streaming of Shri Satyatma Tirtha Swamiji's discourses. Please click on the following link to download. This app has been developed by Nikhil Raichur from Hubli. Thanks to him for this innovation.

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Nikhilraichur91  - This App can also be downloaded at   |Registered |2011-07-21 20:54:21 pps.html

Please suggest with
your ideas for improvement of the application.
Thank you
Nikhil Raichur
raghav.chandran  - New Android App for Live Streaming   |Registered |2011-11-07 04:19:14
Great to know there you are building apps, Sri Nikhil. Please do let me/us know
if you develop applications for iPhone. Would love that! And if any of you
know any apps already existing, please also let me know - did a search on common
terms (Madhwa, Madhva, Tattvavaada, etc.) could not find any so far.
raghuveer_d_v  - Will the same be developed for an IPhone?   |Registered |2011-07-18 21:46:59
Hare Srinivasa!!!

Dear Nikhil,
I understand that you are doing
this voluntary service. I was wondering if the same app could be released for an
IPhone? I am pretty sure that there is a bigger user base for IPhones as
Raghuveer Dhone
Nikhilraichur91  - Re:Will the same be developed for an IPhone?   |Registered |2011-07-21 20:43:02
Hare shrinivaasa!!

Sir(Raghuveer Dhone),
Thank you for appreciation.I have been
working to develop the same for Java based phones currently. But as i'm still a
beginner in app development i'm looking forward to try all possible ways to
convey satytmavani using different Os based handy gadgets.
Sure, as per you
suggestions i'll try my best to Develop the same app for Iphone.


Nikhil Raichur
sudhakarrk  - Please Help   |Registered |2011-07-19 10:46:34
Hare Shrinivasa //

Am not able to open the downloaded application. Please help
and suggest me in this regards. Even the Nikhil blog spot is not opening. It
says that it is not available.
Nikhilraichur91  - Suggestion   |Registered |2011-07-21 20:48:35
Thank for trying the App.
I apologize for the inconvenience caused,The
link of blogspot no longer exists.Please find the new URl of Nikhil Raichur
Innovations to Download the application pps.html
Visit the
following link to download the application directly

I f you face the same problem,
kindly convey it here.

Nikhil Raichur
bhushan23  - praoblem with dwonloading application   |Registered |2011-07-26 22:16:59
Dear Nikhil,
I am not able to download that application,plz send any
other links to download.
Nikhilraichur91  - Reply   |Registered |2011-07-27 21:02:46
Please visit ive+Pro to
download the application.

kindly verify that u paste the URL in browser with no
spaces in between.

hsranganna  - New android app for downloading   |Registered |2012-04-13 05:29:38
Send links for downloading
bhushan23   |Registered |2011-07-26 22:44:41
Is this software runs only on mobile or it can be installed p c also??
Nikhilraichur91  - Reply   |Registered |2011-07-27 21:05:35
Sorry bhushan23, this application is currently available only for Android
OS based Mobiles/Devices Only!

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