Sri Satyajnana Tirtha

|| Shri Satyajnana Teertha Gurubhyonamaha ||

Introduction to Shri 1008 Shri Satyajnana Teertharu:

Shri Satyajnana Teertharu was next pontiff of the Shri Uttaradi Matha during the period from 1906 to 1911 . His Purvasahrama Name was Shri Kinhal Jayacharya. Shri Satyajnana Teertharu was ordained as monk and succeeded to the pontificate in 1906. After initiated to Vedantha Samrajya , he took up the construction of Brindavana in Atkur to his beloved guru Shri Satyadhreera Teertharu and performed Mahasamaradhana.

Shri Satyjnana Teertharu ordained Shri Seturamacharya and named him as SHRI SATYADHYANA Teertharu to the pontificate throne of Shri Uttaradi Matha,and Swamiji entered Brindavana in Rajamahendri on the bank of river Godavari on 1911 Virodhikruth, Magha Shudda Ekadashi.

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dhumalrao  - about me   |Registered |2008-08-25 19:19:01
I hailed from rajahmundry from Dhumalrao family of Uttaradi Math. I am very
fortunate enough to a ardent devotee of Shri Satyathma Thitharu swamiji. He
blessed me by visiting my house at Hyderabad on 26-2-2007 alongwtih moolarama
thottilo. I visited this site which is very much to useful to know about my
matt to whom I belonged to. Seeking blessing from poojya Satyatma theertha

Raghavendra Rao Dhumalrao
PRAHALAD  - Satyajnana Teertharu History   |Registered |2010-01-27 08:44:00
Respected Acharya,

I think the brief history narrated about Swamiji is not
enough, it is not covered about his vairagya, vidvat etc.,

srikrishnarpana   |Registered |2010-01-30 21:31:53

Today there were many facts explained in Chennai by Acharya of
Tirukoilur. I feel very small passing-it-on because every trial will only be

Some of them :
- Milk offered was not taken for naivedya
visualizing its consumption earlier, offerer inquired and found the truth and
offered fresh milk. (jnana)
- The type of food and quantity what sreephadhangalu
ate before and after taking ashrama, mind blowing. (vairagya)
- The incidence of
SriRama Ganda laypana that cured severe burns of child to regain its original
- The incidence of silencing a minister in mysoora raja for potraying
wrong about the jnana of Sriphadangalu
- Transfer of illness to jada(vastra) to
continue SriRama Mangalarthi
- Many more

These are just pointers, please lean
and learn in detail from qualified Gurugalu.

sribarathi ramana mukhya prana
antargatha srikrishnarpanamastu
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Sri Satyajnana Tirtha

Born: 1879

Deeksha Accepted: 1906, Parabhava

Preceptor: Sri Satyadheera Tirtha

Brindavana Pravesha: 1911, Virodhikruth

Pithadhipati: 5 Years , 7 Months, 17 Days

Aradhane: Magha Shuddha Ekadashi

Brindavana At: Rajmahendri

River: Godavari

District: East Godavari

State: Andhra Pradesh

Poorvasharama Name: Kinhal Jayacharya All rights reserved.
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