Sri Satyavara Theertha
श्रीसत्यसन्धसिन्धूत्थः श्रीसत्यवरचन्द्रमाः।
प्रार्थितार्थप्रदो नित्यं भूयः स्यात् दृष्टिसिद्धये॥

|| shrIsatyasandhasindhUtthaH shrIsatyavaracandramAH .
prArthitArthaprado nityaM bhUyaH syAt dR^iShTisiddhaye ||

|| Sri Sathyasandha Theertha Gurubhyo Namaha ||

|| Sri Sathyavara Theertha Gurubhyo Namaha ||

|| Sri Sathyadharma Theertha Gurubhyo Namaha ||




             Sri Sathyavara Theertha Sripadangalavaru was a great Jnani and an unparalleled exponent of Dvaita Siddantha (propounded by none other than the Sriman Anandatheertha Bhagavatpadacharya). Sri Sathyadharma Theertha, (Sri Sathyavara Theertha’s successor) who is well known for HIS treatises and tippanis quotes the following in one of HIS works as “This work’s credit is not mine rather the entire credit should be given to Sri Sathyavara Theertha whose abundant blessings has made me write the same as how a father would make his son write !”. This shows not only Sri Sathyadharma Theertha’s humbleness and HIS Gurubhakti but primarily it shows the greatness of Sri Sathyavara Theertha’s Siddhi and Tapas Shakti. We also can understand how important it is to gain the blessings of the Guru in any work we undertake and one can be assured of a successful outcome if the complete blessings of the Guru are bestowed upon us before conducting any holy tasks.

        Sri Sathyavara Theertha was the direct Shishya of Sri Sathyasandha Theertha Sripadangalavaru and 27th in the line of succession to have adorned the Great Peetha of Sri Uttaradi Math. Although, His period in Vedantha Samrajya was just 3 years, His Holiness made a lasting impression in the line of spiritual masters who were the Peethadipathis of Sri Uttaradi Math, through His Jnana (Knowledge), Bhakthi (Devotion) and Vairagya. He was a great Jnani who was well know for His knowledge in the entire gamut of Shastras as well as known to have performed several miracles and toured the length and breadth of this country with the task of propounding the Dvaita philosophy as was propagated by Srimad Anandatheertha Bhagavadpadacharya. A surprising fact is that Sri Sathyavara Theertha, His Guru (Who initiated Him as His successor) Sri Sathyasandha Theertha as well His Shishya Sri Sathyadharma Theertha (Who was inititated by His Holiness) were all had a common Vidya Guru in Sri Sathyabodha Theertha Sripadangalavaru and all these three great Yativarenyas were immensely responsible in bringing laurels to Sri Uttaradi Math. At the time of Sri Sathyavara Theertha, Sri Uttaradi Math was also famously referred as Sri Sathyabodha Matha!, obviously referring to the great impact of Sri Sathyabodha Theertha on the society at large.

 Sri Sathyavara Theertha before His pre-sanyasa days was well known by the name of Sri Jhulpi Krishnacharya. As in those periods, Father used to be the first guru for any child and Sri Jhulpi Krishnacharya’s education was under the tutelage of His father Sri Subannacharya. Later He learnt the secrets of Vedanta as well as Nyaya Shastra under the able guidance of Sri Sathyabodha Theertha. During this period, Sri Ramachandracharya and Gururayacharya (grandson too) were also the students of Sri Sathyabodha Theertha and later they became the Peethadipathis of Sri Uttaradi Math as Sri Sathyasandha Theertha and Sri Sathyaparayana Theertha respectively. He did specialization of Vyakarana, Mimamsa and other Shastra under a very well known pundit Sri Tirupati Balacharya.

             Sri Sathyavara Theertha was also instrumental in initiating a very well known Vedanta Pundit known as Adavi Acharya as Sri Vishnutheertha. We all know that as Pearls are found in the oceans, Sri Sathyavara Theertha found and nurtured two great pearls of Dvaita Siddhantha Sri Vishnu Theertha and Sri Sathyadharma Theertha. Sri Sathyavara Theertha’s period as Sri Uttaradhi Math’s pontiff was quite short for a period of just 3 years and 4 months only.

             Sri Sathyavara Theertha took the responsibility to construct and perform the aradhane of the His Guru Sri Sathyasandha Theertha Sripadangalu. Sri Sathyasandha Theertha visited Udupi and as if He knew earlier that His time is almost coming to an end left towards Mahishi (on the banks of River Tunga) via Theerthahalli. On the way to Mahishi, He did Japa and Tapa at River Seetha and informed His devotees that His time is coming to an end and instructed them to carry Him to Mahishi in a Palanquin and also to inform Sri Krishnacharya about this. Sri Krishnacharya immediately rushed to Mahishi to visit His Guru. Sri Sathyasandha Theertha gave Sanyasa Deeksha to Sri Krishnacharya and named Him Sri Sathyavara Theertha. Sri Sathyavara Theertha stayed at Mahishi for almost six months and constructed His Guru’s Brindavana along with the Pratishthana of Sri Hanuman and Srimad Ashwathnarayana Swamy. Mahishi has become a very holy place since then and one who visits Sri Sathyasandha never returns empty handed. Sri Sathyavara Theertha also visited His Vidya Guru Sri Sathyabodha Theertha at Savanur and dedicated a work called “Srimad Vishnusaharsranama Vivruthi” composed by Sri Sathyasandha Theertha along with performing a lakh japa on Pranava mantra and a lakh Tulasi arachane to Sri Moola Rama and Sri Vedavyasa ending with annasantharpane to a lakh Brahmanas. This incident looked like “Na Bhuto Na Bhavishyathi” i.e never in past as well as future such a holy activity will happen in this Kaliyuga.

             Sri Sathyavara Theertha left to Tirupati and took the blessings of Lord Sri Srinivasa and nearby areas of today’s Andhra Pradesh. While at Tirupati, he got 4 replica’s of Lord Sri Srinivas made and donated it to His near and dear Shishyas namely Dhiggavi Acharya, Sri Karadeepa Acharya, Sri Lakshmanacharya and Sri Adya Ramacharya.

             Sri Sathyavara Theertha then left to Srirangapatna where the river cauvery flows. On the way He did Pooja to the idols of Sri Rama and Sri Hanuman, which were made by Sri Vidhyadheesha Theertha at Chandagaala. The news of Sathyavara Theertha’s arrival at Srirangapatna made Poornaiah pandit, the diwan of Tipu Sultan little worried. He immediately left Srirangapatna along with Sri Theertha Srinivasacharya, Sri Sanjeeva Krishnacharya, Sri Haridasacharya and Sri Tamrapani Acharya and met His Holiness. They advised His Holiness not to enter Srirangapatna as the period was not in favor with respect to the political climate and instead advised that His Holiness stay at Ramanathapura along with His devotees. His Holiness listened to the advice of Diwan and the other pundits and decided to stay at Pennugonda for sometime. Poornaiah pandit also advised His Holiness to just take with him only little quantities of jewels and important idols and made arrangements for the other jewelry and idols, which are of unimaginable value to be guarded by his nephew Hiranyapppa’s at his house at Santhebidanoor. He also requested his nephew to make arrangements for the stay of His Holiness at Santhebidanoor till He decides to travel to Pennugonda.

             Sri Sathyavara Theertha left to Pennugonda and visited the Brindavan of Sri Vedavyasa Theertha who was the immediate successor of Sri Raghothama Theertha. Sri Sathyavara Theertha then left to a place called Naamagondalu and stayed there for a few days and decided to travel to North India as part of His regular Sanchara. Poornaiah pundit coming to know of this decision sent his most trusted friends and advised His Holiness against His decision citing the unfavorable political climate. His Holiness listened to the advice of Diwan Poornaiah again and stayed back at Naamagondalu.

            Sri Uttaradimath had gained name and fame during the time of Sri Sathyabodha Theertha Sripadangalu. During the period of Sri Sathyabodha Theertha, the math had earned immense wealth as various donations from Rich Zamindars and devotees. The Math had in its possession innumerable jewels and priceless pearls and other valuable articles, which included Golden Bow of Sri Rama’s idols, golden thrones for the idols and lots of Silver jewelry too. All this was in the possession of His Holiness and used to be carried during the sanchara. These riches of Sri Uttaradi Math were always the cynosure in the eyes of dacoits and petty thieves for the wrong reasons and many had planned to somehow take this away.

            On Ashada Shuddha Chaturdasi, when Shri Satyavara Tirtharu got up early in the morning and was preparing for His morning rituals, a thief sneaked into His Holiness’s room and took away the box containing the idols of Sri Rama and Sri Seetha. His Holiness after the bath observed that the box was missing and informed all His Shishyas to search for the same. After futile efforts, His Holiness became very sad and felt that Sri Rama was testing Him for some reason. Immediately He decided (took a vow) to fast until the idols were found and He would be able to perform pooja for the same. On coming to know of this incident Diwan Poonaiah rushed to Naamgondalu and promised His Holiness that he would put his entire resources at his command to find the stolen items and persuaded His Holiness to give up the total fasting. Sri Sathyavara Theertha never accepted His giving up the fast, instead would perform daily pooja and take the Theertha and would sit for performing deep meditation. Perhaps the powers of the meditation of His Holiness were so much that the thief decided to return the idols. On the 21st day, the thief returned the lost idols after taking away all the jewelry covered in a plantain leaf and His Holiness’s joy knew no bounds (Though the Math had lost considerable jewelry, a Sanyasi would only bother about the idols which are of immense value). These were discovered by Sri Navarathna Annacharya and handed over to His Holiness. His Holiness commemorated this incident in a grand manner after sanctifying the idols according to the Shastras and Diwan Poornaiah also participated in the same.

             The twenty-one days of fast had taken its toll on His Holiness and He could never recover from it completely. Diwan Poornaiah observing the failing health of Sri Sathyavara Theertha, politely requested His Holiness to appoint the next successor. Sri Sathyavara theertha readily agreed to the advice in the right spirit without any qualms. His Holiness felt that the one and only person who had the capability to take over Sri Uttaradi Math and perform the Pooja of Sri Rama and His Parivara as well as carry the torch of Vedanta knowledge forward was Sri Navarathna Acharya who was also His Holiness’s batch mate when He was studying under Sri Sathyabodha Theertha and also had first discovered the stolen idols. Diwan Poornaiah and the other pundits took this as an order and on Shravana Shuddha Panchami, Sri Sathyavara Theertha named his successor as Sri Sathyadharma Theertha and exactly two days after this on Shravana Shuddha Sapthami left the mortal body at Naamgondalu and His Brindavana was constructed at His place Santhebidanoor. Diwan Poornaiah himself oversaw the Brindavana construction at Santhebidanoor. The entire building can house about 250 – 300 people at a time and just opposite the Brindavana is Sri Mukhyaprana’s temple and there is also a Ashvatha Tree along with Naga Pratimas.

            Santhebidanoor is situated right after Gowribidanoor bordering Karnataka and Andhrapradesh and is about 8 – 9 Kilometers from Gowribidanoor. Next to Sri Sathyavara’s Brindavana is the Brindavana of another Saint Sri Sathyaparayana Theertha who is known to have improved the finances of Sri Uttaradi Math.

            The day one remembers Sri Sathyavara Theertha Sripandangalavaru is a holy day and just remembering Him is said to destroy our sins and Sri Seetha Rama would definitely bestow their grace on the one who remembers and worships Sri Sathyavara Theertha.

Poorvashrama Details of Sri Sathyavara Theertha

In His poorvashrama he was known by the name of Sri Krishnacharya. His father Sri Subannacharya and His uncle Sri Madhvacharya (Father of Sri Sathyasandha Theertha) were also well known exponents of Dvaita Siddantha.

Brief Family Tree (Haveri Vamsha)

(Family name is well known as Aaluru / Dhambala / Mahishi which basically signifies the places they stayed and created a lasting impression with their Sathvic Characteristics)

Sri Venkatacharya 

 Sri Madvacharya

 Sri Subannacharya

 Sri Ramachandrarayaru

(Later Sri Sathyasandha Teertha)

 Sri Krishnacharyaru

(Later Sri Sathyavara Theertha)

 Sri Swamiraayacharya


 Sri Gururajacharya (Later Sri Sathyaparayana Theertha)


Sri Krishnacharya


|| Shri Krishnarpanamastu ||

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Sri Satyavara Tirtha



Preceptor: Sri Satyasandha Tirtha

Brindavana Pravesha: Pingala

Pithadhipati: 3 Years , 4 Months, 4 Days

Aradhane: Shravana Shuddha Saptami

Brindavana At: Santebidanoor

River: North Pinakini

District: Anantpura

State: Andhra Pradesh

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