Head Quarters: Bangalore

Bangalore Chapters:

VMMP , Konanakunte

No.10, Sri Gururaja Layout, Kothanur Road,

Konanakunte Post, Bangalore—560 062

Ph: 080—26322 715, 64509344, 2632 3537, 26320 222

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# 207, 5th Main, S.T.Bed,

Koramangala 4th Block,


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“Anagha”, No.6/28, 27th Cross, 3rd Main, Kempamma Devi Layout,

Bannerghatta Road Hulimavu, Bangalore 560 076 

Ph: 080 2648 1506

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VMMP , Shakambari Nagar


Shakambari Nagar, Bangalore

Bangalore – 560070

Ph: +91 80 65700759

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VMMP—Raja Rajeshwari Nagar

Raja Rajeswarinagar,


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VMMP— Kumaraswamy Layout

“Vyjayanta”, No.4305, 50th Main Road, 25th Cross, 2nd Stage,

Kumaraswamy Layout,  Bangalore 78.  Ph: +91 92425 24677

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VMMP— J P Nagar

“Atreya”, No.625, 8th Main Road,

13th Cross, J.P.Nagar Phase 2,

Bangalore 560 078

Ph: 080 2658 7716

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JP Nagar, BTM Layout, Koramangala and Indiranagar Branch (VMMP -JBKI)

Chapters in Karnataka

1. Hubli

    a)  Hubli

    b)  Navnagar

    c)  DTEC

    d)  Shrinagar



4. Jamakhandi

5. Belgaum

6. Davanagere

7. Gokak

8. Athani

9. Bijapur

10. Surpur

11. Bellary

12. Bagalkot

13. Harihara

14. Dharwad

15. Afzalpur

16. Hyderabad

17. Rajamahendri

18. Kurnool

19. Shimoga

20. Coimbaore

21. Kushtagi

22. Berhampur

23. Muddebihal

24. Sholapur

25. Guntur

26. Mudhol

27. Haveri

28. Anantapur

29. Machilipatnam

30. Gadag

31. Vijayawada

32. Chennai

33. Pune



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Kulkarni P.R.  - address at Pune   |Registered |2010-06-11 16:22:24
Kindly provide address of branch at Pune.

It is better if you
provide addresses alongwith centre information.

This site is very

Kulkarni P.R.
gopalkadkol   |Registered |2010-09-14 14:07:59
Acharyare Vandanegalu,
I would like to highlight one important aspect, which
needs due consideration.
Many of the followers/ disciples are born and brought
up outside karnataka. I, myself, am an example.People like us can speak kannada
but cannot read and write kannada.
It may not be possible to publish all
articles in all regional languages, but it would be better if things are
published in sankrit with meaning in english, or kannada with english text.
will be of great help.
ayush  - information   |Registered |2011-07-11 08:53:41
Lot many madhwa people reside in sydney australia
how we can make them attached
with Headqurters
now a days it is necessary to motivate these people as they are
starving religiously and without prope r knowledge are being lured awya by other
Gurusarvabhauma  - Vishwa Madhva Mahaparishad - Mumbai   |Registered |2011-11-02 11:31:30
Respected Shri Satyatma Teertha Swamiji/
through Shri Raichuri


I am from Mumbai. Kindy provide me address of VMMP
Mumbai with tel.nos. e mail, contact Acharyas/Gurus.
I understand a Parishad was
held in Mumbai.when & where ? Mumbai being such a huge metro city, we
VaishnavasMadhvas do not get information of such Meetings. ON this occasion,
am sure VMMP had brought out a Special Souvenir which would have rich contants
for Madhvas. I shall be most grateful if HQ of VMMP at Bangalore kindly bless me
with a copy which will enrich my spirituality/deeper understanding of Madhvas.
Is there any monthly pubication ? I had asked my friend who was fortunate to
attend the Parishad at Mumbai to fill up for SUDHA monthly publication for 3
years and paid the amount in cash and receipt issued. But I never received this
publication at all all these years. It was subscribed as" Mr M P Purohit,
Evershine City, Vsai East, Dist.Thana. Presently I am staying at:
Building, Flat A 101, Sector 7, opp.Pillay college, Khanda colony, New Panvel
Navi Mumbai 410206. Sir, I have misplaced the Receipt and will send when
traced. WE hail from ALAMATTI/RAMPUR and our Kuladevata is Lord Yelaguresha.
However, we had moved to Mumbai 50 yrs.back, but visit Yelaguresha temple once
ina while. I am very happy to know from your website that Shri Satyatma Teertha
Swamiji had opened a GOSHALA just behind the Yelaguresha temple to protect and
nourish the Cow gomatas. Only 6 months back, I had visited Yleaguresha temple
but there was no publicity or any news of this Goshala. How unfortunate: Anyway,
may I seek the Blessings of Yelaguresha, Gomatas and Shri Swamiji and take us
out of many problems our entire family is suffering in Mumbai. Sir, even the
Swayambhoo YELAGURESHA murthy blessed to our forefather Shri Ananthacharya
Purohit during his daily visit to Yelaguresh temple from Chimmalagi Alur (now
submerged in dam water). Shri Ananthacharya Purohit, being very old person, had
to rest on the way to Yelgu on a square stone on the way and went to sleep. Lord
Yylaguresha himself came in his dreams and told him to take the stone on which
you are resting your head and I am swayambhu Yelaguresha on that stone itself
which is replica exactly the big stone Yelaguresh murthy at the Yelgur temple.
Since then, for many decades, it is with us, doing 'madi'pooja every. After
coming to Mumbai some 50 years back, we have been staying at Dombivali,
Dist.Thane, and Lord Yelaguresha is being worshipped by my elder brother Mohan
with pure 'madi'.He is more than 70 yrs old and we bow before Shri Satyatma
Swamiji to Bless my brother Mohan with long, healthy & happy life and free him
from all his troubles/sufferings. Now there are many families from Alur/Yelgur
in Dombivali - namely Late Shri Jamadagni family, many Alur brothers/cousins
with their families and Shri Yelaguresh Aradhana is celebrated every year in the
Raghavendra Swami Math at Dombivali. Since my brother Mohan is old, week & sick
alone, he is not able to perform Pooja everyday but ony on Saturdays at home
where this Swayambhoo Yelaguresh Murthy is installed.
Sir, we would like
complete guidance from Shri Satyatma Teertha Swamiji what to do wish this
Swayambhoo Murthy ? whether to instal at Raghavendra Swamy Math at Domivali and
build there a small temple within the complex or install at the Mulund
Raghavendra Swamy Temple with the Blessings of Kulaguru Shri Vidyasimhacharya
s/o late Shri Gopalaharya Mahahuli and brotheer in law of Shri Satyatma Swamiji
whose younger brother got married to the worthy daughter of Shri
Vidyasimhacharya, some 3/4 years back at Mulund Math, where all of your Acharyas
of Uttaradimath HQ at Bangalore must have attended these functions. From mumbai
lakhs of Madhvas receied the Blessings of Shri Satyatma Swamiji. Sir, I
most humbly request the higher concerned Acharya in such matters to kindly
submit the whole story at the 'pada' of Shri Satyatma Swamiji and seek his
guidance and 'maha-adesh' as to what to do with this Swayambhoo Yelaguresh
murthy who is in our Dombivali house for the last 50 years or so, but my brother
getting older, we are feeling the concern and unable to decide anything in the

We earnestly bow and beg before Shri Satyatma Swamiji and give us His
guidance and Bless us also from all our troubles/sicness of family
memmbeers/varous other family problems.

Thank you very much Shri Raichuri Achar
and look forward to your e mail at : -

forgiveness of Shri Raichuri Achar and Shri Satyatma Teerth Swamiji for the
troubles given.

Yours devotedly,
Mukund P Purohit
dheeravenugopala  - Contact details of Santhebidanur   |Registered |2012-12-31 21:16:50
will you please get me the contact details of Sri Satyaparayana Theethara
Sannidhana, Santhebidanur
hare srinivasa
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