Sri Vedavyasa Tirtha

|| Shri Vedavyasa Teertha Gurubhyonamaha ||

|| Shri Gurubhyonamaha ||

|| Shri Hari Om ||

न दग्धं यस्य कौपीनं अग्नौ दत्तमपि स्फुटम्।
वेदव्यासगुरुं नौमि श्रीवेदेशनमस्कृतम्॥

|| na dagdhaM yasya kaupInaM agnau dattamapi sphuTam .
vedavyAsaguruM naumi shrIvedeshanamaskR^itam ||

Introduction to Shri 1008 Shri Vedavyasa Teertharu:

Shri Anantha Vyasacharya, a disciple of Shri Raghuttama Teertharu was selected to succeed the pontificate throne. Shri Anantha Vyassacharya also distinguished himself as a great devotee of Lord Vedavyasa. That is way Shri Raghuttama Teertharu ordained Shri Anantha Vyasacharya to succeed him to the great pontificate throne of Shri Uttaradi Math and named him Shri Vedavyasa Teertharu. Shri Vedavyasa Teertharu occupied the pontificate seat with remarkable distinction.

In order to explain the significance of the Madhva Darshana, he toured extensively and visited the important religious centres of the times. He went to Kanchi where he ordained an eminent scholar Shri Krishadvaipayanacharya as monk with an intention to propogate the Dvaitha Vedantha.

It is believed that, during the course of his polemical tour, he once visited Cuddapah. He was highly respected and was offered Agrapooja at a "Shastra yagna" being performed by Shri Ramachandra pandita in the court of King Venkatapathi Raja at Cuddapah. The pontiffs of other schools who had assembled there began to examine Shri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji excelled in debate with them. They realised that Swamiji was a "Sarvagna" and offered " Agrapooja".

Thereafter Swamiji marched on with his disciples towards South Kanara and arrived at Shri Rangapatanam where he was received by the king of Shrirangapatanam. The King worshipped His Holiness and professed great respect for Shri Vedavyasa Teertharu. The King granted two villages Hiremarali, Chikka Marali for the performance of rituals and services of the Matha. Futher he also gave some gifts to his Holiness. Shri Vedavyasa Teertharu was the recipient of many royal gifts. The King of Shrirangapatna built a Matha at Narashimapuram near the bank of river Hemavathi and donated the same to His Holiness.

Swamiji visited Penugonda where he was engaged into scholarly debates by several scholars. By the virtue of his profound scholarship he easily won over all of them. The king Donated two Villages Reddy Halli and Dodaa Gatti to Matha. Thus Shri Vedavyasa Teertharu ruled the pontificate of the Shri Uttaradi Matha  with a remarkable distinction and handed over the seat to Shri Vidyadhisha Teertharu and entered Brindavana at Penugonda on the bank of river Markandeya.

|| Shri Krishnarpanamastu ||

Contact Information:

Shri Shrinivasacharya Varkhedkar

Post : Penugonda - 515110.

District : Anantpur

Andhra Pradesh

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PRAHALAD  - Aradhana Day   |Registered |2009-03-28 09:48:30
Respected Acharya.

As per the Mutt Panchanga the Aradhana of Sri Vedavyasa
Teertharu is on Chaitra Shudda Dvithiya but in the events highlighting it is
mentioned tritya which is correct.
Further, as we learnt Sri Vedavyasa
Teertharu is famous for their Bramhacharya as narrated in the Charama Shloka. It
is my request to add in the History of Sri Vedavyasa Teertharu

aramanar  - Need some more info   |Registered |2009-04-28 14:18:09
It is said that Sri Vedavyasa Teertharu gave sannyasa ashrama to Sri Satyananda
Teertha (Brindavana at Malakheda), Sri Vidyapati Teertha (Rayavellore), Sri
Krishnadvaipayana teertha (Kusamurti).

Can you please add more details about
these three Sannyasis too?

hv_chand  - Satyrpriya Tirtha   |Registered |2009-05-04 15:28:30
I would like to know Satyapriya Ashtaka. Whether it is available in the form
book. Or those who know please post it. It is urgent Is there any book on
Satyapriya Tirtharu, Manamadurai
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Sri Vedavyasa Tirtha



Preceptor: Sri Raghuttama Teertharu

Pithadhipati: 23 Years , 3 Months , 7 Days

Aradhane: Chaitra Shuddha Tritiya

Brindavana At: Penugonda

District: Anantapur

State: Andhra Pradesh

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