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Panchanga Updates to your Mobile by SMS

Now, get panchanga updates to your mobile by SMS using Google Calendar. Checkout the Uttaradi Math Official Panchanga Google Calendar online and configure Notifications to reach you via SMS by entering your Mobile no.

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prasannangv  - prasanna   |Registered |2010-01-10 07:53:35
pl send dailly panchang through my mobile. pl.
narasimha.joshi  - please update the panchanga on my mobile no 934267   |Registered |2010-01-16 14:09:50
please update the panchanga on my mobile no 9342674531 daily
ramdharmaji  - daily panchanga on my mobile no.9989885540   |Registered |2010-01-18 17:53:56
please send panchang updates om my mobile no.9989885540
rskuber   |Registered |2010-01-20 08:19:06
Received one SMS from UmQUOTES as follows

The action performed without
contemplating on the respective forms of almighty are futile like the "
Kapittha fruit eaten by an Elephant"

Rskuber :- There is no second
thought regarding " Action in line with form " but not able to co relate
with " Kapittha fruit eaten by an Elephant"

Kapitha fruit means
" BelaDha Hannu " , What I understood is " Elephant will the
swallow Kapitta fruit without breaking the shell and empty shell will be come
out in motion ( one version ) Or Shell will come out undigested in broken form
( Other version)"

Is it means that Elephant can't enjoy the taste of
Kapityha fruit pulp like that Karma / Action performed without proper form
almighty is futile
sriharigopalan  - Panchanaga   |Registered |2010-03-18 19:49:12
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