Sri Raghuvarya Tirtha

|| Shri Raghuvarya Teertha Gurubhyonamaha ||

|| Shree Gurubhyo Namaha ||

|| Harihi Om ||

महाप्रवाहिनी भीमा यस्य मार्गमदान्मुदा।
रघुवर्यो मुदं दद्यात्कामितार्थप्रदायकः॥

|| mahApravAhinI bhImA yasya mArgamadAnmudA .
raghuvaryo mudaM dadyAtkAmitArthapradAyakaH ||

 Introduction to Shri 1008 Shri Raghuvarya Teertharu:

Shri 1008 Shri Raghuvarya Teertharu took over the responsibility of the Uttaradi Matha and ruled the pontificate throne  with great spiritual eminance.

It is said that once during the course of his polemical tour, he came to a village called Manipur near the bank of Bhimarathi river, which was besieged by a mleccha king. His Holiness wanted to leave the place and go to the other side of the river Bhimarathi. He carried the puja box on his shoulders and reached the bank of the river. At once, the river Bhimarathi gave way to the Swamiji to reach the other side of the river. Swamiji crossed the river with his disciples safely. All the disciples were struck with wonder on observing swamiji's mystic power . This incident can be compared to the river Yamuna wich gave way to Vasudeva carrying his child Lord Shri Krishna to reach gokula.

Shri Raguvarya Teertharu travelled all over the country on foot like his guru. When he was in the northern tour, one day Shri Moola Rama appeared in a dream of Swamiji and announced that the god Niruti was going to be born in the village called "Swarnavadi" and that child should be brought up at the Matha who would succeed Shri Raghuvarya Teertharu in the pontificate throne of the Matha.

At the same time a Brahmin couple at Swarnavadi was yearning for a child being childless for a long time. One day god Niruti appeared in their dream and ordered that they should invite Shri Raguvarya Teertharu and receive the holy prasadam at the hands of swamiji and that a child would be born to them, that the child should be handed over to the Matha. The couple would also be blessed with other children and they would be happy thereafter in their family life.

Once in the course of his tour Swamiji visited Swaranavadi village in the Nizam Sate. The Zamindar of the village Shri Subba Batha and his wife Gangabai invited Shri Raghuvarya Teertharu for "Bhiksha" in their house but Swamiji refused their offer because they were childless. After repeated requests made by the couple, Shri Raguvarya Teertharu accepted to recieve their Bhiksha provided their first born male child is handed over to the Math. The blessed couple accepted do so. Accordingly Swamiji performed the pooja of Shri Moola rama and Seetha and received the Bhiksha in their house and gave Phala Mantrakshate to the couple.

Some time later, Smt. Gangabai, the wife of the Zamindar conceived. Shri Swamiji was informed accordingly. He returend to the village expecting the birth of the child. A big gold plate was sent to the Zamindar's house from the Matha with a direction to receive the child directly in the golden plate without allowing the child to touch the earth. Accordingly the child was received in the golden palte and brought to the Matha where the child was washed with the Abhishekha water.

The personality and the face of the child was beautiful like a moon. He was named after Shri Ramachandra by his Holiness and brought up at the Matha itself and was fed only with the Abhishekha milk of the Vyasa Kurma Saligram of the Matha.

When Shri Ramachandra became a boy of seven years he had his Upanayana performed at the Matha and the very next year he was ordained as a sannyasin and named as Shri Raghuttama Teertharu.

Shri Raghuvarya Thirtha's end came near. He appointed an eminent scholar to teach the young sanyasin. He entered Brindavana at Anegundi (Navabrindavana).

How to Visit Navabrindavana?

Navabrindavana is small island situated near Anegundi of Koppal District. Anegundi is 20 KM away from Gangavathi. From Anegundi one needs to cross River Tungabhadra by boat to reach Navabrindavana. Navabrindavana is situated in the river Tungabhadra.

Another way to approach Navabrindavana is Via Hampi. Hampi is 12 KM way from Hospet of Bellary District. In Hampi , again we have to cross river Tungabhadra to reach Navabrindavana.

Contact Information:

Shri Gopalacharya Hulagi

Post : Anegundi 583246

Taluk : Gangavati

District : Koppal

|| Shri Krishnarpanamastu ||

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Sri Raghuvarya Tirtha



Preceptor: Sri Raghunatha Teertharu

Aradhane: Jeshta Bahula Tritiya

Brindavana At: Navabrindavana

River: Tungabhadra

District: Koppal

State: Karnataka

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