Hari Vayu Stuti Pravachana by Sri Swamiji
Hari Vayu Stuti Pravachana by Sri Swamiji at Bangalore


Shri Digvijaya Ramo Vijayate

Shri Hari Vayu Stuthi Pravachana Karyakrama

Jagadguru Shriman Madhwacharya Moola Maha Samsthan

Shri Uttaradi Math


Hold your breath for a divine treat in the first week of June.  Sri 1008 Sri Satyatma Tirtha Swamiji would be delivering

Shri Hari Vayu Stuti Pravachana

in Bangalore. All devotees are hereby requested to fully make use of this great opportunity and attend the program in great numbers and get divine knowledge and blessings of Sri Hari, Vayu and Gurugalu.

Dates : 02-06-2009 to 06-06-2009

Time : 7:15 am to 8:15 am

Venue : Shri Jayateertha Vidyapeetha, Uttaradi Math, Basavanagudi, Bangalore - 4

Phone : 26603692 (10-12 am and 2 to 6 pm)

Note: would be bringing the LIVE WEBCAST of this event.


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murthyrao   |Registered |2009-05-22 11:23:43
Kindly make the CDs of such speeches available. Is the CD of Sudha Mangala
speech at Tirukkolilur available now? Please respond.


Murthy Rao
PRABHANJANACHAR  - namaskara   |Registered |2009-05-22 11:52:41
plz make it sure about live web sothat we will b gained
mahulivk  - ahobhagyam   |Registered |2009-05-22 15:53:56
harya namaha
as it is said in the shastra that reciting mantras without
arthaanusandhana gives us just half the result so, by this we can have the
complete phala of this atyuttama stuti and have "madhwakhyam

asman shreste satbudhim dadyat gurumukhen hi.
Krishnamurthy S. Rao  - Shri Hari Vayu Stuti Pravachana.   |Registered |2009-05-22 16:49:17
I shall be highly obliged if a DVD of Shri Hari Vayu Stuti Pravachana is made
available to the interested bhaktas. I am sure every madha shall keep one CD of
the pravachana in the house and shall make use of the same in the best possible
manner. Please let us know where such CDs will be available.
Krishnamurthy S.
KALYAN, Maharashtra
vasant rao   |Registered |2009-05-24 19:56:46
live webcasts are slow and notcontinuous, we will be happy if they are available
like other speeches. we will be happy if CDS made avaialable.
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