Mumbai Chaturmasya 2009
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14th Chaturmasya Mumbai- 2009.

Welcome to 14th Chaturmasya, Mumbai- 2009.

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What is involved in hosting a Chaturmasya. The organizer's story.

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Chaturmasya Itenary

Where and when. Complete details about Chaturmasya Mumbai 2009.






15th July - 4th Sep' 2009


पिता माता तथा भ्राता एते संसारहेतवः

गुरुरेकः सदा सेव्यः संसारोद्धरणक्षमः


Uttaradi Math is the timeless "University of Mystic knowledge (गूढपरमार्थविद्याविश्वविद्यालय)! - the knowledge that imparted at the time of Creation by the divinity by name Hamsa! (हंस नामक परमात्मा) to a few chose and blessed (viz Adi Brahma, Sanaka, Sanandana, Durvasa...) in the form of 'answers' (अत्तर) to their wise and yearning queries! (...उत्तरो गोपतिर्गोप्ता ज्ञानगम्यः पुरातनः - श्रीविष्णुसहस्रनाम). This glorious tradition was revitalized 800 years ago by the great Universal Guru Sriman Madhwacharya who is regarded as the incarnation of Mukhyaprana - Vayu an embodiment of fully-blossomed-knowledge i.e Poornaprajnya! The great Acharya installed his beloved ascetic disciple Shri Padmanabha Teerth as the crown head of this timeless remarkable spiritual chair.

Since then, it is an unbroken tradition till date in the Uttaradi Math, the throne of which has been decorated by ardent ascetics who have risen above the mundane matters and are in communion with the Almighty. They have been the storehouses of immutable prowess over Nyaya-Vedanta-Vyakarana. They have travelled and treaded all over the country propagating the philosophy of Sri Madhwacharya, which is unique, unparalleled and undisplaced even to this day, enlightening the devout and blessing the devotees while distancing publicity, in the service of Bharata and mankind at large!

A youth of 36, a personification of Vedic-knowledge and contemporary modern learnings,tradition, devotion and the present crown-jewel of Shri Uttaradi Math - Srimat Swami Sri 1008 Sri Satyatma Teertha, the 42nd in the lineage since the great Acharya, radiates an unassuming spiritual grace and carries an aura of bliss. His masterly multilingual oratory attracts people like the bees to a blossomed flower! Utter simplicity of living, soothing affection to the down-trodden and compassionate love for the modern adolescents and the youth (in the quest for 'the purpose of life') have acclaimed this resolute ascetic, by one and all, breaking the barriers of class, creed, cast and religion!

Swamiji has benevolently conceded to the prayers and persuasions of over of the devout and disciples to undertake his 14th Chaturmasya Anusthan in the coveted city of Mumbai, from 15th July 2009 to 4th September, 2009.

This is a great historic occasion of pride and glory to this city and land of Maharashtra, where the pontiff of Uttaradi Math is resolving for Chaturmasya.

We, the residents of Mumbai, should rise in enthusiasm and ecstasy, to welcome this great sage and ascetic-par-excellence and bask in his divine blessings.

(Balaji Mandir)
Ambedkar Road, Mulund (West)
Ph. 022 25683014

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Vishwas  - Chaturmasa   |Registered |2009-06-30 13:57:33
Jai Jai Sitaram,

Respected Guruji, Please update me on the 14th Chaturmasa in
Mumbai as we have no idea of when it will start and where.


Yours faithfully,

Vishwas  - Chaturmasa   |Registered |2009-07-01 16:05:34
Jai Jai Sitaram,

Respected Sir,

Please update me on 14th Chaturmasya os
SRI SWAMIJI at Mumbai as we need to book our tickets for the same.


Yours faithfully,
SR Amarnath
Vishwas   |Registered |2009-07-08 17:56:18
Jai Jai Sitaram,

Respected Guruji,
I think the information on 14th
Chaturmasa is not updated properly as sometimes it mentions 2008 and some times
it mentions 2009. I humbly request that somebody to rectify the same and the
people through out the world will be looking at this information very

With great regards,
rachuri achar   |SAdministrator |2009-07-08 23:45:53
Kindly bear with us while we are putting the material together and updating. We
are yet to receive the full information about the Chaturmasya. We will update
the info as soon as we receive it. Thanks for pointing out some typos in the
Chaturmasya page. They have been corrected accordingly.
Anantharaja  - Sun and Moon   |Registered |2009-08-16 22:04:58
Hare Shrinivasa..

Respected Guruji,

I would like to know whether the Sun
and Moon referred in puranas, are the same which we have been observing in this
physical world? Plese let me be enlightened.

anilacg  - regarding the purudu   |Registered |2009-08-22 15:36:44
Here Srinivasa

Sri Gurubhyonamha

I would like to know for hoom all we have
to fallow
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