Sri Jayateertha

||Shri Jayateertha Gurubhyonamaha ||

Introduction to Shri 1008 Shri Jaya Teertharu ( Tikacharyaru):

|| Shri Gurubhyonamaha ||

|| Shri Hari Om ||

यस्य वाक्कामधेनुर्नः कामितार्थान् प्रयच्छति।
सेवे तं जययोगीन्द्रं कामबाणच्छिदं सदा॥

|| yasya vAkkAmadhenurnaH kAmitArthAn prayacChati .
seve taM jayayogIndraM kAmabANacChidaM sadA ||

Shri Jayateertha is believed to be an avatara of Indra with Aavesha of Shesha and blessed by goddess Durga ( Shri Mahalaxmi) with a writing instrument and a piece of areca nut; the former to write with the commentaries on Madhva original works on palm leaves and the latter to smear the writing to make it permanent.

Shri Vidyaranya, an unrivalled scholar was awe-stricken "with the extent and depth of the philosophical works of Shri Jaya Teertharu , the stately grandeur of style , majestic diction, rapier-thrust like logic, keen and penetrating perception of all meanings and interpretations hidden in the innermost recess of the heart of Madhva, his invincible clinches, his dignified controversial level and his profound acquaintance with the entire mass of literature of other schools".

In token of his admiration of this saintly scholar and genius, Shri Vidyaranya seated Shri Jaya Teertha, the pontiff of Uttaradi Math, with all his memorable works on a decorated elephant and paraded in a grand procession. If this is not an impartial and unprejudiced appreciation of scholarship and divine greatness of both these great saints, what else is?

Jaya Teertha, a name to conjure with, renounced the world at a very young age and devoted himself to the service of all round spread of madhva's philosophy and within a short time he was "a prodigy of learning, a living encyclopedia, a lynx eyed logician, an infallible penman, a supreme stylist, a dispassionate debater, a redoubtable dialectician, an unrivalled orator, a balanced critic, an un-excelled poet, a monarch of philosophers, a saint of the first order, a Karma-yogi par-excellence, the embodiment of purest devotion, renunciation incarnate, highly matured mystic, last but not least , superman in the best sense of the word - these along with even several other high-flown phrases bring out the in fathomable greatness of Shri Jaya Teertha, popularly known as TEEKACHARYA".

The great Jaya Teertha was the pontiff of Shri Uttaradi Matha for 22 years and seven months. His Brindavana is in Malakhed, near that of his guru Shri Akshobhya Teertharu on the banks of the Kagina river. He handed over the reins of Uttaradi Matha to his disciple Shri Vidyadhiraja before he passed away.

How to visit Malkhed?

Malkhed comes under Gulbarga District.It is 40 kms away from Gulbarga. There is sufficient bus facility to Malkhed from Gulbarga. It is situated in between Gulbarga and Sedam, 12 kms away from Sedam.

Contact Information:

Shri Venkannachar Pujar,

Shri Jayateertha Brindavana,

Malkhed, Sedam Taluk,

Gulbarga Dist-585 317 (Karnataka).

Ph : 08441-680343.

|| Shri Digvijaya Rama Vijayate ||

|| Shri Krishnarpanamastu ||

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vijayavittala  - 5 mudras   |Registered |2008-07-23 16:28:25
y is that our matt has 5 mudras as there are only 2 for other matts. give an
convincing answer
PRAHALAD  - Fecilities at Malkhed   |Registered |2008-11-22 11:46:19
Respected Acharya,

One of my relative residing at Hydrabad, happen to
perform his fathers Vaitharani Godana, He would like to know that is there are
fecilities in Sri Malkhed Mutt. Such as Cow,purohits etc etc to conduct the
cermoney, and also what are the condition, rate etc.,
On receiving
clarification from your end I will confirm to him.

rachuri achar   |SAdministrator |2008-11-23 09:56:07
Yes, facilities are there at malkhed for godana
Anand V Rao  - Swamiji Digvijaya   |Registered |2008-11-23 15:42:55
Currently HH Swamiji's program is available only in Kannada in this website. For
people who cannot understand Kannada and would like to know His Holiness
program, please provide the information in English. This will great help
everyone to make plans to visit and seek His Holiness' blessings.
Anand Rao
PRAHALAD  - Fecilities at Malkhed   |Registered |2008-11-24 09:14:31
Respected Acharya.

Highly thanks for the information

prahlad  - DASHAMI   |Registered |2009-07-01 11:06:33
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Sri Jayateertha


Sri Jayateertha Moola Brindavana, Malkhed



Birth Place: Mangalvedhe (near Pandharapur, Maharashtra)

Preceptor: Sri Akshobhya Teertharu

Pithadhipati: 22 Years , 2 Months , 20 Days

Aradhane: Ashada Bahula Panchami

Brindavana At: Malkhed

River: Kagina

District: Gulbarga

State: Karnataka

Poorvashrama Name: Dhondurao Deshpande

Father's Name: Raghunatha Deshpande All rights reserved.
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