Sri Madhava Tirtha

|| Shri Madhava Teertha Gurubhyonamaha ||

॥ साधिताखिलसत्तत्वम् बाधिताखिलदुर्मतम्।
बोधिताखिलसन्मार्गं माधवाख्ययतिं भजे॥
|| sAdhitAkhilasattattvam bAdhitAkhiladurmatam |
bodhitAkhilasanmArgaM mAdhavAkhyayatiM bhaje ||

Previously known as Vishnu Shastri, Madhava Thirtha was the third 'acarya' to reside on the Pitha after the disappearance of Shri Madhwacarya. 

The senior most direct disciples of Sri Ananda Tirtha (Madhwa) were Sri Padmanbha Tirtha, Sri Narahari Tirtha, Sri Madhava Tirtha and Sri Akshobhya Tirtha. In the same order they were the pontiffs of Sri Uttaradi Mutt. 


He also gave 'ashrama' to Sri Akshobhya Tirtha and installed him as the pontiff of Sri Uttaradi Mutt to worship the deities which were personally worshipped by Srimad Acharya (Madhwa) himself.


Once a marvellous incident happened when Sri Madhava Tirtha was engaged in the worship of Digvijaya Rama that Narahari brought back for Madhwa. All of a sudden he moved from his place and made prostration to some great personality visible to himself and invisible to others and sat with folded hands. The whole pooja was over and Sri Madhava Tirtha most reverently took the sacred tirtha (holy water) from one who was invisible. The whole incident was clarified afterwards by Sri Madhava Tirtha himself to satisfy the curiosity of the devout spectators. He said - "The Deity of Vamsha Rama which I have now acquired with Providential grace has been endowed with special sacredness of Srimad Acharya (Madhwa) who came in person to worship the Deity. He worshipped in his usual grand way, took tirtha (charan-amrita) himself and blessed me with tirtha afterwards". The whole gathering was astounded at the great event. A similar incident was also reported to have been experienced by Sri Akshobya Tirtha when he was worshipping Sri Prasanna Vittala in Pandarapur.


Some say that he made a commentary on the Parasara Smrti called Parasara Madhwa-vijaya, and some other books have also been accredited to him (Rg, Yajus and Saama Veda commentaries).

The Mahalaya Amavasya (which usually falls in the month of Aswin) is this great saint's aradhana (disappearance anirversary).

Brindavana of Shi Madhava Teertharu is at Mannur.


How to visit Mannur?

Mannur comes under Gulbarga District.It is neary about 65 from Gulbarga.There is bus facility to Mannur from Gulbarga.

Contact Person: Shri Ramacharya Avadhani

Post : Mannur

Tq: Afzalpur

Dist : Gulbarga

|| Shri Digvijaya Rama Vijayate ||

|| Shri Krishnarpanamastu ||

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srs.soslae  - wanted immeditely   |Registered |2008-06-06 12:18:28
i need complete history of madhava theertharu and is there any books written on
sri sri madhav theertharu
bhrigupathi  - Madhava Tirtha   |Registered |2009-09-18 09:33:19
Respected Achar,
Your work on the website of Uttradi Math
is highly commendable. Today being the aradhana of Sri Madhava Tirtha why is
that there is no info and other achievements said about this great personality.
What about his samsthana?.. Why is he unknown to the Maadhwas of the present
prabhanjan  - nearest railway station   |Registered |2009-11-27 17:22:02
please let me know nearest railway station and from railway station what will
transportation type available to mannur
vishnu_vishnu  - nearest railway station   |Registered |2009-11-30 08:13:54
The nearest railway station to reach Mannur is Gulbarga.
Gulbarga to Afzalpur -
around 55 Kms.
There are regular KSRTC and private buses available

Afzalpur to
Mannur - around 30 Kms.
There are KSRTC and private buses available but not
regular, from here you can hire taxi to Mannur.
radhakrishna443  - radhakrishna44321   |Registered |2012-08-07 00:25:57
I had been to Mannur - from Afzalpur by Taxi. I saw an elderly Brahmin teaching
vedas to five students. there were at leat 30 young students reciting veda and
Shlokas.The place looked like Goddess Saraswathi's place. I was fortunate and I
think I had some yoga on that day to get Darshan of Madhava thirtharu.
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Sri Madhava Tirtha



Preceptor: Sri Narahari Teertharu

Aradhane: Bhadrapada Bahula Amavaasya

Brindavana At: Mannur

River: Bheemarathi

District: Gulbarga

State: Karnataka

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