Miracles of Raghuttama Guru


I am an ardent devotee of Raghothama Theertha Swamigalu. Once a year, I make it a point to visit the Brindavana. I have a very good experience

Once some five years back, I was travelling in a car from Thirukoilur after pooja and theertha prasada. I kept the prasada, like, coconut, Akshathai and brindavana photograph on the back of rear side seat. My mother, myself and my wife were seated at back and my son was in front seat.

We were proceeding to Trichy enroute to Chintalwadi. Car was going at a high speed. Suddenly, we noticed the photograph placed beneath the coconut
flying out of the Car. We asked the car to stop. We went in search of photographs for nearly a half km and did not find. We were so disappointed.

Meanwhile the car driver and my son were doing some thing to the car opening the bonnet. Then we started our jouney not knowning exactly what went wrong in our prayers. The car was proceeding slowly. The driver asked me if the Swamiji is powerful. I told him that  He is Powerful to take care of us. At that time he remarked that HE HAS ONLY SAVED US.(the brakes have just started failing as there was no oil in the braking system and we were going at very high speed.

Then we all realised that in fact to save us he has directed his photograph to fly out of car so that we could take stock of the situation.

Some twenty years back, I went to Thirukoilur along with my sister from Bangalore to attend to Upanayanam. At that time I was a teenager, and by oversight I did not prostrate before Him, as I would always do.

I came back to Chennai same night to catch next day Brindavan Express to Bangalore. Then the train fare in Brindavan express was Rs 32 (still I remember). I had Rs 100 in my pocket. I purchased a ticket to Bangalore and sat in the reserved compartment of the train. I had my morning for Rs 5 and started travelling.

When T T E came for inspection, I produced my ticket. TTE started looking at me and enquired  about my main ticket. (At that time they would give two tickets, one for jouney fare and other for supplementary ticket which was priced Rs 2/-
I had only supplementary ticket and had not jouney ticket. I was forced to pay a penalty and  the amount came to Rs 52/-. After making this payment I had left with only Rs 10/-. and I had to go to Anekal. That was the busfare.

At that time I realised my folly, and I prayed  that I will never act as disrespectful in any place of worship.

This  I am sharing with you all. Once I was taught a lesson to correct
and I was blessed and saved from what could have been a catastrophe in my life.
May Lakshmi Narasimha bless us all

K Vasudevan


Mahima of Raghuttama Guru - mookamkaroti vaachalam   
Today being the Aradhana Day of Mahamahima Sri Raghuttama Tirtha Sripada, the great stalwart of Uttaradi math and a champion of Dvaita Philosophy, it is our paramount duty to remember and pay respects to this great saint.

Many devotees stand as testimony to the flowing grace of Sri Swamiji. I would like to share a few personal experiences and thoughts on this occasion.

That was the time of my Sudha Mangala at Tirukoilur on Magha Krishna Tritiya in the year 2006. It was my turn to present a topic and take examination in the Sriman Nyaya Sudha before Sri Swamiji and other distinguished scholars who were invited from various places all over India.

All through my study life, I always stuck to presenting (doing anuvada) in Sanskrit language, out of my fondness to the language and the great conviction I had on Girvana Bhasha. Though initially I was discouraged to do anuvada in Sanskrit for the fear of making too many mistakes, grammatical or otherwise, which, everyone believed, become even more apparent while discoursing in sanskrit. The mistakes are very striking, like the stains on a white background, unlike in other languages, where they go unnoticed, like stains on a dark cloth. I was also very well aware that the standard of examination in Sanskrit medium is very high compared to that in other languages. But I was bold and took it as a challenge.

This was my final examination as a student of Vedanta. Ofcourse, I still remain a student, even after that, but that was the last examination before we were declared Sudha Vidwans. Many things were at stake including the reputation of our Vidyapeetha. So, I did not want to take any chances. Though Kannada was not my cup of tea, as I was not born into a Kannada speaking family, I picked up fairly good Kannada during my stay at Vidyapeetha (so much so that today no one gets any doubt about my accent). I thought and thought and thought for several weeks before I finally decided to do my anuvada and exam in Kannada language, like all my other classmates, which seemed to be a safe bet. I prepared for my anuvada on Karyatavada practiced it well before going for the exam.

Minutes before the commencement of my exam, I prostrated and stood before the Brindavana of Sri Raghuttamaru, with folded hands and prayed incessantly, with tears rolling from my eyes blurring my sight of Brindavana. My mind, which was, till the previous day, actively racing through 300 patras of the most difficult and challenging portions of Sriman Nyaya Sudha, commonly known by the name Panchadhikarini in scholarly circles which includes Jiganasadhikarana, Prakrityadhikarana, Navilaxanatvadhikarana, Vaisheshikadhikarana and sandhyadhikarnaa, suddenly became blank. I don't seem to remember even a single sentence of whatever I prepared for the past 8 months. My confidence levels touched the rock bottom. I felt as if one could insert a string through the ear from one end and easily pull it out from the other end. My mind seemed to be a vacuum. If someone can save me, I thought it was Raghuttamaru. I placed all burden on his holy feet and slowly proceeded towards the examination hall.

As per plans, when Swamiji's order for the commencement of my Anuvada came, I started off, with a resolution to deliver my anuvada in Kannada. I was seated diagonally facing the dias with the Brindavana behind me. The very thought of starting the anuvada, that too in Kannada, sent shivers down my nerves. I had no previous experience in speaking in Kannada on the dais before distinguished scholars. Yet, I stood firm, with a conviction that Sri Raghuttamaru is there behind me.

All of a sudden, a renowned scholar of Nyaya and Vishishtadvaita Vidwan Sri Devanathan of Rashtriya Samsrita Samsthan, Tirupati, highly regarded as the No.1 scholar in Nyaya School today, walked into the examination hall. Swamiji has sent invitation to him well ahead of time to participate in the Sudha Mangala. But I was not aware of it. Before, I could recognize who the scholar was, he came and sat right in front of me, among other scholars including Prof. D. Prahladachar, Prof. Haridas Bhat, Prof. Anandatirthachar Nagasampige who were to ask questions and examine me.

I started off, rather unconvincingly, with my first few words of Kannada slowly rolling out in a lowly voice, offering salutations to swamiji and the distinguished examiners. Then my eyes rested on this Nyaya Scholar, who seem to be at loss to understand what I am saying as Kannada is a language unknown to him. All of a sudden, even while I was to continue to utter the next word, . I came under a strong influential current within me, giving me an unfathomable burst of confidence. My lowly bent figure stood erect, to face the challenge ahead of me. My mind which looked blank till that moment suddenly started to function like a supercomputer, ready to execute the toughest of calculations in few seconds. Instantly, even as though without my knowledge, I started to deliver the anuvada in sanskrit. It did not strike to me then, that I did not prepare for this like the way I normally do for any anuvada in Sanskrit as I very well understand its challenges. Before I could realize, 3 hours passed by with the scholars intently listening to my anuvada and freely questioning from different difficult portions of the text. I successfully answered all their questions confidently, without wasting a second, even to recollect. It was MY day. The day of my dreams. I was on song answering the most challenging of the questions with ease.

Finally I noticed a pleasant smile on the face Sri Satyatma Tirtha Swamiji, signaling the end of my exam (2 hrs more than the stipulated time of 1 hr). I stood up, still wondering what that smile of Sri Swamiji could mean.

It did not take much time for me to realize that it was the sheer anugraha of Sri Raghuttamaru. I could not have done this on my own. I did not have such yogyata. It was only the overflowing grace and kind heart of Sri Raghuttamaru who listened to my earnest prayers and who not only stood behind me but influenced my mind, through his mystic powers, throughout the 3 hr duration.

I slowly walked down and lay prostrated in front of the Bridavana, with my hands feeling the touch of the holy feet of Raghuttamaru and tears rolling from my eyes, this time for a different reason!

मूकं करोति वाचालं पङ्गुं लङ्घयते गिरिम् ।
यत्कृपा तमहं वन्दे रघूत्तममुनीश्वरम् ।।
-Rachuri Achar


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M.R.Narasapur   |Registered |2009-01-08 15:08:46
Really wonderful experiences. By reading these paragraphs, even my eyes became
wet and i can feel a sort of hairs raising on my skin. My Sashtanga Namaskaras
to Shri Shri.. Raghuttama Teertharu
srikrishnarpana  - Miracles of Raghuttama Guru   |Registered |2009-01-08 18:44:27

Last Nov 3rd, I was blessed by SriHariVayuGuru to do yeta sakthi 3
day seva to Srigurugalu. To be honest we are not suppose to do snana in the well
opposite to Vrindavana as it is for dedicated for madi. Appreciating the
information received while I attempting I was stopped. I thanked acharay in
stopping me from commiting a sin.

I went back to the room for Snana. I
accepted that it is my yogatha. I had no other option left because the river
Pinakini river was dry with sand bed. It was earlier around 4.30 a.m to take
bath in the room and pleaded to pardon to do such a mistake of taking bath in
the room and do seva as it had a toilet attached. I was so shivering out of papa
karma than cold and requested not to do parikshaa and pleaded for karunay.

thing I requested was
"matarmay matarishvan..." of sriharivayustuti

could not believe to my eyes after having theertha prasadha that afternoon, the
8 month dry river bed was knee-deep water flow in the afternoon. the locked gate
was opened to see the Pinakini. Where from this theertha all of a sudden?

could be more a Anandha Theertha Darshana. Everyone there were so surprised and
told that seva maduvagaa nadhi has come as Phala is a great karunay from

"Varaguru upadesha neravaitu inyenu

"Raghottama gururaya raghu

"Nandaynadu Swami Ninaday ee yelavu Nanda nanda govinda
hare krishna..."

barathi ramana mukhya prana antargatha
Vishnu  - Thank you for sharing this awesome experience   |Registered |2009-01-11 01:32:16
Shri Rachuri achar,Please accept my namaskar to you for sharing this great
experience of yours in the presence of Shri Raghottma Acharya's Brindavana and
Shri Satyatma Thirtharu. One humble request to you is that all of us would be
really blessed to see a video recording of this event broken into a couple of
may be small 30 minute video clips and posted in this website under the Video
gallery section.Once again thanks very much for your splendid narration of the
happenings that day. We are truly blessed to be the followers of our Shri
Madhvacharya and his lineage of disciples.
Shri Hari Sarvottama !! Vayu
sudhinrao  - Regarding Pravachanas   |Registered |2009-01-13 16:09:04
Poojya Acharyare,

I want All Pravachanas of Sri satyatma Thirtha swamigala,
plz can u send to my ID

Thanks regards
pva_132000   |Registered |2009-02-20 18:57:54
Poojya Acharyare

As I was going thru your experience I was feeling some extra
energy passing in my body and it is greatexperience. My koti koti sashtanga
namaskaragalu to Shri Shri Ragothama Thirtharu.

Barathiramana Mukyapranantharagath Srikrishnarpanamasthu.
Hari Sarvothama Vayu
abhishektirukoilur12  - hare srinivasa Miracles of Shri Raghoothamateertha   |Registered |2012-05-24 00:45:12
Poojya Acharyare

nimma anubhava keeli kannu thumbi banthu. nijakku Shri Shri
Raghoothama Theertharu karunalugalu. nambi kettavarillavo EEEEEEE gurugala. Shri
gurugalige ananthanantha sashtanga pranamagalu. haagu nemagu namaskaragalu.
please accept my namaskara.

innu intha mahimegalannu neevu keliddu kandiddu
ellarondige hanchikolli

Shri Hari Sarvothama Vayu Jeevothama
Ide sathya

& regards
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